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The sun is shining and the temperature outside is warming up—both signs that summer is finally here! While the weather might meet your expectations, it doesn’t mean your lawn does.

Summer can be a difficult season for lawncare. The long hot days and ample sunlight could cause a whole host of summer lawn problems.

To keep your lawn looking its best, working with a summer lawncare maintenance company can do wonders for your grass.

Here are four common summer lawn problems you might be facing right now.

1. Weeds

Annual weeds are the bane of every property owner’s existence! Not only are they an eyesore, but they also hinder the growth of your grass.

Crabgrass thrives in hot temperatures and can wreak havoc on your summer lawncare routine. If left untreated, crabgrass can take over your lawn and turn your beautiful green grass brown.

Another common weed found in Southern Ontario is Creeping Charlie. As the name suggests, this weed will creep its way all over your lawn, making it difficult to remove. The same can be said for clover, dandelions, and Canadian Thistle.

Luckily, with the proper lawncare experts, weeds are a summer lawn problem that can be managed, and they will usually die off in the fall.

2. Dormancy

Another summer lawn problem you might face is your grass going dormant. Your grass doesn’t just go through periods of dormancy during the winter months; it can also be dormant during periods of hot, dry conditions. This is your grass’s way of protecting itself due to the lack of moisture it’s receiving. During dormancy, growth slows down, and your grass keeps a reserve of nutrients.

When grass shifts out of dormancy, the roots are depleted of their food reserves, which could put more stress on the grass.

While a good lawn maintenance tip is to water your lawn after a period of drought, it’s equally important to water your lawn all summer long—not just when it starts looking brown.

With proper irrigation, grass that’s been dormant could take up to three or four weeks to turn green again, so be patient!

3. Drought

As mentioned above, periods of hot, dry conditions during the summer could mean your region is experiencing a drought.

If this is the case and Mother Nature isn’t providing moisture in the form of rainfall, the best summer lawncare tip you can get is to water, water, and water your lawn! Typically, grass can stay in a state of dormancy for three to four weeks without dying. After that, your lawn could experience permanent damage unless adequate water is provided.

To combat this summer lawn problem, you might want to consider installing an irrigation system on your lawn so your grass can get the water it needs all summer-long. Just 20 minutes of irrigation each morning can help keep your grass alive.

4. Insects

If your lawn is looking more brown than green, it could be because of insect activity. If the brown patches on your lawn can easily be pulled up and there are little to no roots present, most likely, grub are to blame.

Grubs, such a June bugs and Japanese beetles, will wreak havoc on your lawn around late summer and early fall. They also attract pests like crows and skunks. The best lawncare tip to prevent grubs from hatching in the first place is to keep your lawn well irrigated.

Other insects can cause summer lawn problems by eating your grass blades and causing your lawn to appear as if it has been mowed too closely.

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