There’s no question that a beautifully manicured outdoor space created by a well-known commercial landscape contractor can add tremendous aesthetic appeal and value to residential and commercial properties in Toronto. The challenge for most property owners, though, is finding a trustworthy and reliable landscaping company to complete their landscaping project within a reasonable timeframe. In case you find yourself in an uncertain position while looking for a landscaper, here are some fallback questions you should ask your prospects from the beginning.

5 Questions to Ask Prospective Landscape Contractors

1. Do you offer comprehensive services?

Before choosing a landscaper, you should always ask what kinds of services they provide. Don’t take it for granted that all of them are full-service contractors or that they all offer the exact same level of service. Some contractors might design and construct your residential or commercial garden, but they might not offer maintenance services. You need to ascertain ahead of time that the prospective landscaper offers all of the services you’re looking for.

2. Do you provide detailed contracts?

A general rule of thumb in any business transaction is to always get everything in writing from the beginning. When it comes to trades services, the contracts don’t necessarily need to be ironclad, though, because certain aspects of the job could be circumstantial. However, there should be some level of consistency and accountability involved. You should always start by communicating your desires and expectations for this project. A good contractor should be able to examine your property and explain whether your project plans are feasible. If they are, ask the contractor to provide in writing a detailed, itemized list of expenses (materials and labour) and a general timeline by which the work can be completed.

3. What are your credentials?

This includes level of experience, relevant certifications or degrees, and years of practical experience on the job. There’s no shame in asking for proof of these credentials either because a professional landscaper will be more than happy to show you their past creations. It’s a source of pride for many of them. It’s also in your best interest to look into their reputation around the community and whether their past clients double as referrals.

4. Can you provide referrals?

On that note, it doesn’t hurt to directly ask the landscaper for client referrals. If it’s a truly reputable company, they won’t have anything to hide and they’ll be more than willing to provide this information. You should take this opportunity to visit their past worksites in person so you can get a feel for the type of work this landscaper can do.

5. Do you offer any kind of insurance or warranty?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask a landscaping company or freelance landscaper. If an accident does occur during the course of the project and a worker becomes injured, you could be legally liable for their medical bills. You should also ask whether the landscaper offers warranty on their services and products in case they don’t last long or an unexpected storm hits and destroys your yard. By ensuring in advance that they company you hire has all of this in order, you’re saving yourself a great deal of risk and future headaches.

Landscape Contractors in Toronto

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