Who We Are


Company History

Founded in 1995, Forever Green Lawn & Landscape, Inc. is a leading landscaping and property maintenance company in the GTA. From our humble beginnings as a small yard care service for the community, we have quickly expanded to become a full-service lawn and yard maintenance provider for both commercial businesses and residential customers. From our commercial landscape management, including irrigation, garden services and grounds maintenance, to our reliable winter services, Forever Green Lawn & Landscape, Inc. offers a full repertoire of services that our customers can depend on.

Our Philosophy

Forever Green may have grown up from being a humble yard care company, but our central philosophy remains unchanged. Our core principles are honesty, integrity, professionalism, and excellence. Each one of our employees understands the motto that "We don't look good until you do" and offers unmatched service and quality. This personal level of service and dedication to detail doesn't just let our workers meet your expectations and needs—it lets us exceed them. Our work takes place across all seasons, which imparts an important understanding of the different types of circumstances that need to be accounted for when doing landscaping work. This approach of managing even tiny details across all circumstances is, for us, the only real way to work.

We Care about Everyone

Landscaping can be a physically demanding task, and Forever Green takes the protection and well-being of employees seriously. For us, legislative requirements are a minimum of acceptable practices and we strive to regularly exceed this baseline. Our machinery and equipment is well-cared for and regularly maintained, and employees are taught established work safety practices and procedures. Cutting corners is not acceptable, and you can rest assured that any employee of Forever Green has received proper training in their given tasks so they can perform with excellence and security.

Making Planning Easy

Landscaping can encompass everything from treating a single area of the garden to expansive and extensive installations and redesigns. The full scope of options and opportunities can, at times, feel daunting, which is why Forever Green takes pride in offering concrete assistance and guidance throughout the contracting process. Bring us a design idea, and we will put our heads together with you and collaborate on budgeting, formal estimations, project plans, and property maintenance in order to bring that vision to life. If you want something new but don't quite know what, we can also offer creative consultations to give you a sense of the landscaping potential lurking within your property.