No matter what season it is, weather patterns can be very temperamental and hard to predict in Canada, making it almost impossible to keep up with your landscape maintenance tasks on your own. You need the professional services of Forever Green Lawn & Landscape Inc. to implement high-quality residential landscape construction for your Caledon home. Our skilled team is fully capable of taking care of your outdoor green space and we offer all-inclusive services to our valued clients.

Residential Landscape Construction Services in Caledon, ON

At Forever Green, we offer the following residential landscape construction services to our Caledon clientele:

Residential Landscape Consultation and Design

Before we embark on any major or minor landscaping project, we always like to visit the property and get a thorough lay of the land, so to speak. As part of our initial creative consultation with our clients, we evaluate the land to see how arable it is, what’s already growing there, and exactly what we can do with it. We’ll come up with some creative and personalized recommendations based upon our observations and run them by you prior to commencing landscape construction.

Landscape Construction Plan

Once we’ve had a chance to view the land and compose a feasible landscape design, it’s time to come up with a workable construction plan. This will include details such as a general construction and installation timeline, detailed blueprints of how everything will be set up, a general outline of the work that needs to be done, and an itemized list of costs—both material- and labour-based.

Garden Installation

After all of the details of the project have been finalized and approved by you, we’ll immediately get started on preparing your land and installing your beautiful new customized garden.

Retaining Wall for Residential Properties

At Forever Green, we don’t just specialize in designing gardens and planting greenery; we’re also expert hardscape designers and installers. We can construct stunning and fully functional retaining walls for your outdoor space that matches the exterior brick colours and patterns of your home along with beautiful stone walkways.

Stonework and Interlocking

Masonry is another one of our special skills, and we’re not afraid to flaunt it. All you have to do is tell us exactly how you want your stone pathway to look and we’ll take care of the rest.

Residential Mulching Services

The type and amount of mulch needed will depend on the type of plants you prefer to have in your front or backyard. Whether it’s red, black, brown, woodchips, lawn clippings, straw, or even compost depends upon what your intentions are for your outdoor space. Regardless of your preferences, we’re always more than happy to oblige and complete the mulching work to your satisfaction.

Forever Green Residential Landscape Construction

Forever Green Lawn & Landscape Inc. is a full-service landscaping and property management and maintenance company that is based in Brampton, Ontario. We’ve beautifying commercial and residential properties in Toronto, Caledon, Brampton, and the rest of the GTA since 1995. All of our employees are fully covered by liability and WSIB insurance. We guarantee all of our services and products under a strict warranty. For more information on our services, please call us at 905-454-0875 or e-mail