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From freezing temperatures and frostbite to scraping the ice off of your windshield every morning, winter can be very drab and gloomy. The good news is that you can beat those winter blues by planting a stunning, warm, and welcoming flower garden. If you’re scratching your head and wondering how that’s possible in the cold months, certain flowers, known as winter bloomers, actually thrive in the cold weather! To help you create your beautiful winter wonderland this year, we’ve compiled a list of six winter bloomers to liven up your garden!

Witch Hazel

The scientific name for witch hazel is hamamelis. It’s one of the most low maintenance plants and doesn’t attract any pests, so you don’t have to worry about spraying pesticides on your plants. Winter hazels can last up to several weeks and require very little watering and sunlight, which makes them perfect for the winter months. Golden hues and shades of light yellow mixed in with red and orange will brighten up your garden this winter.

Winter Aconite

Winter aconite, also known as eranthis hyemalis, is a beautiful brightly coloured flower that blooms from the ground up halfway through the winter months. Like a welcomed breath of fresh air, these perennials arrive just in time to relieve you of your winter blues and add a mystical feel to your garden. Shaped like delicate miniature teacups, winter aconite typically requires very little care and they usually go dormant come springtime, making them ideal for colder climates.

Algerian Iris

Considering Algerian Iris (Iris unguicularis) typically blooms from late fall until early spring, there’s no doubt that you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of this flower. With beautiful, rich, and vibrant hues such as deep blue, lavender, and even bright yellow, irises are the perfect flower to adorn your garden this winter!


As the name suggests, snowdrops actually thrive when there’s a lot of snow on the ground. The best time to plant these droopy, yet gorgeous flowers is in the late fall to allow them to bloom in the dead of winter. Snowdrops are just one of 20 varietals in the Galanthus species of flowers and are native to areas with extremely cold climates.


From pink, fuchsia, and purple to crimson red, these indomitable multi-layered flowers bloom in the fall and last all throughout the winter months, giving your shrubs a much-needed burst of colour. Use them to add a dynamic and dramatic feel to your winter garden.

Heaths and Heathers

Heaths (Erica) and Heathers (Calluna vulgaris) are ideal for winter gardens thanks in large part to their ability to change colours throughout their blooming period. They can go from bright shades of golden yellow to warm oranges and even deep pinks or reds. On top of the beauty they bring to your garden, these plants are also winter-resistant. That means they won’t be affected by de-icing agents, salt, or being exposed to high moisture levels from melted snow.

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