Commercial landscape maintenance in Brampton

The exterior aesthetics of your business is just as important as the interior when it comes to making a good impression and keeping the safety of your employees and clientele in mind. Commercial landscape maintenance in Brampton offers a wide range of services to care for your property.

Caring for your commercial property takes more than hiring a firm for mowing the lawn or snowplowing. Commercial landscaping services in Brampton can provide proper irrigation, tree care, and preventative measures for pests and insects. 

Below are seven common landscape issues commercial businesses often face and how the right landscape management company can help you find solutions.

Bad Schedules for Irrigation and Mowing

Most often, automatic commercial irrigation systems are set to work at certain hours, not in accordance with the current weather patterns. If your irrigation system is working during a rainstorm, your property may be at risk for damage, not to mention an unnecessarily expensive water bill. 

The excess water can do further property damage by causing the grass to maintain too much water for mowing and invite disease and pests. All of these factors lead to higher costs to repair damage by excess water. 

The same outcome can be seen with irrigation systems that only work half of the time, causing the lawn to become brittle and dry.

Skipping Tree Pruning

For proper commercial landscape maintenance, the trees, shrubs, and bushes throughout the property should be preserved with tree pruning. Skipping this critical tree care step can cause damage and even death of healthy trees. 

Aside from odd and unsightly shapes, neglecting the trees and bushes can also lead to diseases in the roots. The branches of trees and shrubs can also grow against property structures causing damage to the buildings. 

Poor Water Runoff

Commercial landscape management is key for proper water runoff on the property. Improper drainage harms trees and presents pools of water across the lawn. Without the perfect pitch, a property’s parking lot, trees, and greenery can be damaged from the water runoff. 

In addition to disease and pest infliction, poor drainage from gutters and downspouts can do irreversible damage to the walkways and parking lots. Leaving drainage problems untreated can lead to icy patches, resulting in slips and falls when the weather turns colder.

Not Dealing with Pest and Insects

Long and diseased grass, overgrown bushes, and water collections can become a breeding ground for rodents and annoying insects. These infestations can further damage the otherwise healthy soil and roots. Not to mention, a gathering of insects and pests are the last thing employees and clientele wish to face as they approach the front door of your business.

Trees That Are Unattractive or Dying

Dying and unattractive trees are common landscaping problems on commercial properties. Trees are often left to grow and thrive on their own but can quickly fall victim to poor nutrition and environmental stress. Dead trees become a temptation for pests.

Furthermore, dying trees tend to lose branches, which can fall on buildings, vehicles, and people. 

Poor Lawncare and Landscape Maintenance

Many businesses do use commercial lawncare services after a long winter to prepare the property with new shrubs, flower beds, and newly laid grass. This attractive landscape scene only lasts a short time before weeds, spotty grass, and dead flower buds take over. 

Soil erosion can be another concern with lack of landscape maintenance. Poor lawncare and landscape maintenance can result in the opposite of how a business wants to be perceived by guests and employees. 

Inadequate Snow Removal

Whether it is to save money or energy, some businesses tend to neglect taking suitable steps to secure proper snow removal services before their property becomes a winter wonderland. Large and small properties require solutions for snow removal and storage, especially for the unpredictable Ontario winters. Otherwise, drainage issues, plow damages, and use of harsh deicers can guarantee property losses. 

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For commercial landscaping issues and solutions, talk to the experts at FOREVER GREEN LAWN & LANDSCAPE INC. Over the past 25 years, we have built our business on the motto “We don’t look good until you do”. We live and work in all environmental conditions that Ontario experiences, allowing us to offer the best outcome for a healthy and impressive landscape.  

As professional landscapers in Brampton, our skilled technicians provide excellent solutions for your commercial lawncare issues year-round. From tree pruning and mowing to fertilization and weeding, our preventative measures can help your commercial property become a healthy, safe, and stunning masterpiece! Contact us to get a quote! 

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