Lawncare and Garden Preparation Ideas for the Early Winter Season

Ask any Canadian and they’ll tell you that fall—the transitional period between summer and winter—often feels like the shortest season of the year. Just when you think you have all the time in the world to prepare your lawn and garden for winter, life gets pretty busy and before you know it, winter is already here and it’s too late. This is your annual reminder to start your lawncare and garden winter preparation now, so that you can reap the rewards of a beautiful outdoor space come spring. Keep reading if you’re looking for some ideas for early garden and lawn preparation for winter.

Wrap Tree Trunks to Prevent Frost Cracking

Frigid temperatures can cause tree sap to freeze. Frozen tree sap can cause the trunks of thin barked trees to split, weakening the structure of the tree. Wrapping the tree trunks in a tree wrap material from slightly beneath soil level and up to the lowest tree branches will prevent the bark from cracking and holds it in place. Secure the wrapping paper in place with duct tape and then remove it in the spring time to allow new bark to come in. 

Evaluate the Bare Zones in Your Lawn

Bare or dry spots in your lawn are fairly common during the fall season. One of the main reasons your lawn may develop multiple large or small bare spots can be due to heavy traffic that causes the soil to become compacted. This prevents adequate moisture and nutrient absorption for the grass, which can cause it to dry out in some areas. The best way to remedy this is to loosen the soil in the dry spots, add some grass seed, and cover it with mulch or straw to keep birds away. Water the affected areas thoroughly to facilitate grass growth.

Add Mulch

Plants and greenery like grass tend to go dormant in the winter months. Dormancy and frigid ground temperatures make it harder for the plants to absorb nutrients from soil. Increased moisture levels in the fall can also cause water to freeze underground. Mulch helps to stabilize soil temperatures and moisture levels throughout the colder months, protecting your lawn and your plants from the threat of damage or disease. 

Protection from the Wind

Heavy, frigid winds can seriously damage your plants by drying them out and causing them to become brittle. Young trees are particularly susceptible to wind damages and lack of nutrients and moisture during the winter months. Wrapping them in burlap sacks can block out cold fronts and winds from coming in direct contact with your trees and bushes while also increasing heat retention during the colder months. 

Secure Your Pruned Plants

Perennials require special care when the weather starts to get colder. Before the first snow fall or frost, take the time to prune your perennials and transplant them to pots or move them to a warmer environment where there cold temperatures can’t get a hold of them. Some home gardeners typically move cold-sensitive plants into their garages and place them under specific heat lamps as a substitute for sunshine and to provide warmth. 

Plant Spring Bulbs

Spring-blooming bulbs such as tulips and daffodils should be planted in the fall before the ground completely freezes and it becomes impossible to work with it. Make sure to dig the holes deep enough to cover the bulbs entirely and allow for the roots to spread completely. Cover the holes up with nutrient-dense soil and mulch and watch your beautiful plants blossom in the spring!

Prepare Your Outdoor Furniture and Patio for Winter

It’s important to properly winterize your outdoor furniture, patio, and gardening equipment to help it stay clean and free of rust or abrasion in the winter months. Wipe down your outdoor dining table, chairs, and other metal or glass furniture before wrapping it up and storing it for the winter months. Take the time to carefully clean and sharpen all of your gardening tools to keep them well maintained in storage, so that they’re ready to use in the next growing season. 

Get Professional Winter Property and Landscape Maintenance in Etobicoke

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