Backyard - Autumn in Canada

Autumn is fast approaching and before you know it, it’ll be time for the kids to go back to school and the colder temperatures will begin to set in. But that doesn’t mean that you should let your lawn care duties fall to the wayside. Around this time of year, far too many property owners start becoming laxed when it comes to keeping their grass green. Keep in mind, though, that how you care for your lawn now will make a big difference come next spring. Here are 8 beneficial autumn lawn care tips to help keep your front and backyard in tiptop shape for next spring.

1. Rake the Leaves Often

We know, we know. Summer is far from over and we still have quite a few weeks before the leaves even start changing colour, let alone falling from their branches. But this is an important piece of advice to keep in mind once that actually starts happening. When fallen leaves pile up and are left on the ground for long periods of time, they can prevent your grass from receiving the all-important sunlight it needs to survive and they allow too much moisture to collect on your grass. An overabundance of moisture can actually be a major turf killer, so it’s important to remove leaves regularly and let your grass breathe a little.

2. Keep Mowing Your Lawn

Yes, even in the cooler temperatures, mowing your lawn is still instrumental in keeping it alive. How often you need to mow your lawn depends largely on how quickly it grows back between each clipping session. Cut your grass to about 2.5-3 inches in height to prevent it from matting and becoming susceptible to fungi and mould once it starts snowing. In fact, you should continue cutting your grass right up until the first frost of the season hits. Avoid cutting your grass too short at all costs, though, because that can prevent the roots from expanding as needed.

3. Continue Watering Regularly

As always, it’s important to continue watering your grass regularly. While you don’t necessarily have to water your grass as often as you did in the spring and beginning of summer or in such large quantities, watering it at least a few times a week at the end of summer and beginning of fall helps keep the roots sufficiently hydrated until the first frost. Also keep in mind that there’s a lot of condensation and dew in the fall, so be careful not to overwater your lawn.

4. Implement Deep Root Fertilization for Trees and Shrubs

Aside from your grass, other types of greenery also need a little tender love and care around this time of year. Giving your trees and shrubs a deep root fertilization treatment will help them absorb more nutrients that will sustain them through the long, cold, and harsh winter frost. This will also make for fuller and bushier greenery in the spring. Additionally, you should continue trimming your bushes, shrubs, and trees until the first frost.

5. Aerate the Soil

Aerating your soil entails creating tiny holes in the ground to facilitate water and oxygen flow, while also allowing fertilizer to easily penetrate the surface and make its way to your grass roots. You can either do this manually using a spiked hand aerifier or a lawn aerator. If your property is too big for you to handle the job on your own, then you could also consider hiring a professional landscaping company to maintain it for you.

6. Add Fertilizer to Promote Future Growth and Health

Animals forage for and stock up on food before going into hibernation all winter long. This helps them survive the cold months without having to worry about sustenance. In the same vein, plants also benefit greatly from stocking up on sustenance during the fall season. Adding fertilizer to your lawn is the equivalent of animals storing their food to survive the winter months. Applying a slow release granular fertilizer to your lawn before the freeze-thaw cycle commences will help your lawn gradually absorb the nutrients it needs to stay alive and thrive when the warmer weather hits.

7. Apply Grass Seed

Is your grass looking a little patchy and brown in some spots? If that’s the case, then this is the perfect time of year to apply a multipurpose grass seed that can help repair and replenish your grass. Once again, if you need help choosing the right grass seed for your lawn, consult a local landscaping expert or visit a nearby garden care center.

8. Maintain a Fall Lawn Care Schedule

The best way to stay on top of your fall lawn care objectives is to create and maintain a schedule that contains all the tasks you need to complete in order to prepare your outdoor space for the winter. That way, you can guarantee that everything gets done properly and within a reasonable timeframe.

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