Great Snow and Ice Removal Hacks

Even the most dedicated snowbirds can probably agree that snow removal is one of the worst aspects of winter. Depending on the size of your residential or commercial property and the region you’re located in, a lot of hard physical labour can go into thoroughly winterizing your property.

Proper snow removal isn’t just about creating a certain aesthetic; it’s also about keeping your property safe and well maintained for anyone who uses it and to prevent avoidable accidents from happening. If you’re unable to maintain your property in the winter due to physical or time constraints, then you might want to consider hiring snow removal services to do it for you.

Local Ontario bylaws mandate that property owners keep their walkways and asphalt pavements clear of snow and ice by any means necessary. With that in mind, here are some useful ice and snow removal hacks for your property.

Don’t Delay Shovelling Snow

The best time to shovel snow from your property is immediately after a snowfall. In fact, the longer you wait to shovel snow, the harder it’ll be as the snow begins to freeze and turns into ice. Shovelling and removing the snow right after it falls means less work for you later. Once snow begins to freeze, it becomes harder and heavier to remove from your property.

Chip Away at It a Little Bit at a Time

Of course, it’s not always possible to shovel snow immediately after a snowfall. Sometimes, life just gets in the way. If you happen to be out of town during a massive snowfall and return in the aftermath, clearing out all of that snow and ice all at once can be extremely labour intensive and not everyone is in peak physical condition to do all that work. If that sounds like you, then it’s better to take your time and chip away at the ice and snow removal slowly and a little bit at a time.

Better yet, hire a local snow removal service in Toronto to get the job done for you, so you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself. Property management and landscaping companies often offer top-notch winter maintenance services that include snow and ice removal.

Double Up on Thick Winter Socks

Sometimes, simply wearing high-quality winter boots just don’t cut it when it comes to keeping your feet warm and dry while shovelling snow. Doubling up on thick thermal socks can help prevent your feet from getting wet and also keep them nice and toasty warm even in the most frigid temperatures.

This is a great solution for regions that experience well below freezing temperatures and to protect against frostbite.

Don’t Dump Snow and Ice on the Side of the Road

Despite how much you might want to dump the snow and ice from your property on the nearby road, it’s important to resist that temptation. It’s especially frustrating and tempting when you’ve just finished shovelling your driveway only to have a massive snow plow drive by and push the snow back onto the end of your driveway causing more work for you.

Just keep in mind that as the property owner, you’re responsible for maintaining a clean and safe property to prevent injuries from happening. Plus, leaving large amounts of snow and ice in the street can cause safety hazards for cars passing by.

Apply Rock Salt Regularly

This isn’t so much an ice or snow removal tip as it is a preventative measure that you can take to make your life a little easier during the winter months. Apply rock salt regularly throughout the winter months or at the first sign of a snow fall to prevent the snow from sticking to the ground. That way, you’ll have less snow and ice to remove later on. Your hands and your back will thank you.

Arm Yourself with a Good Snow Blower

Using a snow blower is by far a lot easier and faster at removing snow than manually shovelling snow in large amounts. It’s recommended that you opt for a snow blower if you have flat terrain that’s covered in a minimum of 1 to 2 inches of snow to make the process easier and more efficient.

But be mindful of how fast you maneuver the machine. Moving it too quickly will result in overpowering and burning out the motor as well as overflowing the chute which can lead to snow spilling out from the sides.

On the other hand, moving the machine too slowly diminishes its reach and will just result in you blowing the snow throughout your property. Establishing a good, steady maneuver and flow will ensure that the snow ends up exactly where you want it to go for an easier cleanup.

Use the Right Shovels

If you absolutely prefer to shovel snow rather than using heavy machinery, then make sure you’re using the right shovels for the job. Avoid metal shovels with sharp ridges. Not only are they extremely heavy and get heavier with more weight from snow and ice added to them, but they can also increase your chances of suffering a back injury or muscle strains. Also, the sharp ridges scrape away at your asphalt pavement over time doing more harm than good in the long run.

Shovels with dull plastic blades are the best option for shovelling snow off of a residential or commercial property because they won’t damage your pavement.

Hire a Local Professional Snow Removal Service

If you’re unable to remove snow and ice from your property due to time or physical constraints, then your best bet is to hire a professional snow removal service in Toronto to take care of it for you.

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