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Lawncare most likely isn’t at the top of your commercial property maintenance to do list during the cold winter months. But if you want to enjoy a beautiful lush green lawn come spring and summer, then you should try to avoid making these common winter lawncare mistakes as much as possible.

Letting the Leaves Pile Up

Leaves and thatch should have been raked and disposed of in the fall to prevent bacterial growth caused by excessive moisture accumulation on your lawn. The grass may be dormant during the winter months, but it’s still capable of slowly absorbing nutrients to survive until spring. Organic matter that’s left on your lawn all winter long can suffocate your grass and prevent it from getting the rich nutrients it needs to thrive. If you haven’t already raked up the leaves and debris from your property, you still have time to do it while the weather is mild.

Not Fertilizing or Using the Wrong Fertilizer

Fertilizer provides your grass with important nutrients that keep it nourished and fed throughout the cold winter months. Applying a slow-release nutrient-dense fertilizer before we get into the thick of winter gives your grass enough time to start absorbing the nutrients it needs and keeps it well fed until spring. Avoid using a fertilizer with a high nitrogen content in the fall or winter as this can burn the blades and damage the roots when exposed to extremely cold temperatures.

Creating Snow Paths

We recommend that you avoid walking on snow-laden or wet grass altogether. The heavy weight from the snow mats the grass down, causing the blades to weaken and break off. Moreover, snow paths from heavy foot traffic in certain areas lead to a patchy brown lawn in the spring and summer months due to the extra weight and constant use.

Neglecting Pest Control Issues

This is one of the most common mistakes to be avoided when it comes to lawn and garden care. Lawn pests such as bugs and beetles can wreak havoc on your lawn, plants, and surrounding vegetation. They typically thrive in dry and warm conditions, but once they lay their eggs, they can quickly spread all over the place. The faster you identify and get rid of lawn pests, the better.

An Excessive Amount of Shade

Parts of your grass that are constantly shrouded in shade generally won’t do as well as those that get more sunlight in the winter. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about that unless you change the architecture of your building or your landscape design. No amount of grass seed or fertilizer application in the shadier parts of your lawn will make much of a difference as moisture tends to accumulate and freeze more in these areas. Excess moisture leads to moss development, which suffocates your grass. The best solution is to turn parts of your grass with an abundance of shade into a small garden featuring shade-loving plants that can survive the winter.

Professional Commercial Landscape Services in the GTA

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