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Consult This Lawncare Checklist before Fall Arrives

Summer doesn’t last forever. It’s not a bad thing though, as long as you’re ready for the change in season. If you’re a homeowner, it’s important to get you lawn ready for the cooler weather that’s just around the corner. You work hard to keep your lawn’s appearance nice over the spring and summer months, but that effort doesn’t end when the leaves begin to fall.

In fact, fall lawncare maintenance is key to ensuring your lawn bounces back in the spring, after all the snow has melted. Here are some quick tips to add to your pre-fall lawncare checklist:

Deal with Fallen Leaves

As nice as leaves look on your lawn, especially the coloured ones in fall, they can do a good job of killing the grass underneath by keeping out sunshine and retaining moisture. It’s good to keep them raked up or mowed down for your lawn to sustain itself.

Seed or Lay Sod

This might sound like a spring job but laying down some sod or seeding your lawn before the fall comes will allow new grass to develop over time. By the time spring rolls around, these new grass additions will take root and rise up.

Broadleaf Weeds Must Be Eradicated

No doubt you’re meticulous with your lawn in keeping it consistent with green grass and getting rid of unwanted weeds. This is a good practice to maintain as broadleaf weeds like to take root and grow like mad once cooler temperatures set in. It’s best to clear them out in the early fall before they get out of control.

Plant Your Shrubs

Like getting grass seed and sod in early, planting whatever shrubs you have in late summer has an advantage to your lawn. Shrubs can take root and not only begin to grow throughout winter, but also bind the soil to keep your grass in place, free from erosion.

Loosen the Soil

You might have heard the term “aeration”. That means you perforate the soil to allow oxygen into the soil and prevent it from getting too compacted. If you don’t have a tool, such as one of those plug or spike aerators that you can run over the lawn, check out your nearby garden centre—they often have one for rent. Alternately, you can hire a lawncare maintenance company in Brampton to aerate your lawn for you.

Add Fertilizer

Again, the sooner you do this the better. Adding fertilizer to your lawn before the winter is like hibernation food for grass. The nutrients from the fertilizer will help strengthen the grass’ roots over the winter and facilitate further grown once winter ends.

Hire a Professional Landscaping Company in Brampton for Your Lawn/Garden Care

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Consult This Lawncare Checklist before Fall Arrives Forever Green Lawn and Landscape Inc 2021-09-27 10:55:13 Get your lawn ready for fall with this lawncare checklist from the best landscape management team in Brampton. Lawn Care

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