Factors to Consider When Planting Trees on Your Property

Now may be the best time to consider having professional tree planting services enhance your residential or commercial property. Aside from the aesthetics benefit, planting a tree helps improve the environment, supports local wildlife, and can protect the nearby structures.

Depending on the species, many trees planted in the Fall time have proven to last longer and grow healthier than those planted in the Spring. For a successful Fall planting, there are several important factors to consider for tree planting.

What Is the Total Area for the Tree in the Yard?

It’s recommended to size the yard for the tree. The small trees you see at a garden centre or nursery are at the youth stage. Some saplings will grow more than 80 feet high with a spread of more than 50 feet. Smaller trees need a spread of six feet for their growth of 15 feet in height. If a tree is to be planted on either side of an entryway to a building or to a driveway, the surrounding area must be taken into consideration.

What is the Purpose of Planting the Tree?

When searching for the right tree, consider the purpose of planting the tree. Trees are planted for filtered or dense shading, for the enjoyment of their fruit, or for their immaculate beauty. Any of these types of trees may prove to increase the value and attraction of a property. Trees may be used as a shield or marking of property lines such as hedge trees. Hybrid poplar trees give privacy while gardenia requires lower maintenance.

When Is the Right Time to Plant the Tree?

Timing is everything with landscaping services in Brampton. It is recommended to plant trees in the Spring or early autumn. Fall planting allows time for the tree to securely fixate its roots into the ground before colder temperatures arrive. This is the time when plants are less active, allowing for strong root growth without being overpowered by the growth of the branches, leaves, and fruits. The type of tree chosen will indicate the best time to plant.

What Type of Tree Do You Want?

You may have a particular type of tree in mind to plant. Whether you do or not, it is the best part of planning to plant one or more trees. There are hundreds of popular trees to choose from including the Red Maple, Tulip Tree, Balsam Fir, and the Canadian Hemlock, all native to Ontario. The purpose of the tree will help narrow down the choice of species to pick.

What Is the Health Quality of the Soil?

To ensure the chosen tree(s) have the best start, professionals for tree planting services in Brampton recommend having the soil quality checked. Trees bearing fruit and berries require the soil to be of a particular acidity with proper air circulation and drainage. Natural soil has specific nutrients trees require for healthy growth, but it may be feeding nearby plants and shrubs previously. This is one of the reasons why choosing the right location for the new tree is important.

Where Do You Want to Plant the Tree?

To expand on the importance of choosing the right location for the new tree(s), research the needs of the species chosen. Each type of tree requires a measured allotment for the roots and branches to grow without being damaged or interfering with nearby plants and structures. The amount of required sunlight is another factor to consider when choosing the desired location.

What Is the Growth Time of the Plant?

For a successful planting, the growth time of a tree should also be considered. If a Tulip Tree or a River Birch has been chosen, it is important to know these species grow very fast, reaching their girth sooner than others such as the Weeping Willow. Most trees in Ontario take 10 to 40 years to reach maturity while others may not peak until 100 years after plantation.

What Are the Safety and Construction Damages?

One of the biggest risks when planting trees is potential hazards and damage to the land and nearby buildings. A professional landscaper in Brampton investigates the area for underlying cables and pipes as well as any overhead utility wires before planting a tree. The type of tree can determine the distance needed to ensure the roots do not interfere with a home or commercial building. Each type of tree has a particular radius of its “canopy” when peak growth has been reached. The roots can spread up to five times the radius of the canopy, especially in dry soil conditions.

How Will the Tree Impact Your Neighbours and the Surroundings?

With yards close to neighbouring properties, be aware of the tree species and the location before planting. Trees that bear fruit can leave a mess in someone else’s driveway or yard. While planting a tree is a personal choice for homeowners, be considerate of the existing view you and your neighbours have from the surrounding properties.

What Is the Annual Maintenance & Care Required?

Trees, like lawns, need care and maintenance at least once a year to continue to have healthy growth. Landscapers in Brampton offer tree care as part of their lawn and landscape maintenance services to prevent the invasion of disease and pests to the trees. Most trees on residential and commercial properties require careful pruning and trimming on an annual basis.

Hire Professional Tree Planting Services in Brampton!

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