Grass seeds

One of the most important aspects of summer lawn maintenance is learning how to apply and cultivate new grass seedlings. Whether you’re planning on laying new sod, planting seeds, or simply need advice on how to keep your grass alive and green this summer, there are a few important tips to keep in mind. The following lawn seeding tips can help you keep your grass green this summer.

Make Sure Your Water Drainage System Works

Pooling or stagnant water can be detrimental to the overall health of your grass. Roots require oxygen to survive and pooling water cuts off their air circulation, preventing them from breathing and absorbing an adequate amount of nutrients from the soil. Grass seedlings might grow for a short period of time in areas where the soil has been compacted by heavy vehicles or under the pressure of pooling water, but eventually the pooling water caused by poor drainage and rutted soil will drown them out completely.

Implement Proper Weed Control

Except for wildfire, nothing spreads faster than weeds. Weeds are a plight on gardens and outdoor spaces everywhere. They’re unattractive and they tend to steal necessary oxygen and nutrients from other plants within their vicinity, including grass. Regular weed control is essential to the survival of your lawn and garden as a whole. To remove weeds, you need to carefully pull them out by the roots and discard them immediately. Otherwise, their pollen and roots will continue to spread throughout your yard.

Apply the Right Fertilizer for Your Lawn

The type of fertilizer you need for your lawn depends on a number of factors, most notably the climate in your region and the species of grass you have. Make sure to always read and follow the instructions on the packaging and consult with a lawn maintenance professional when choosing the right fertilizer or grass seed for your property.

Use Mulch for Moisture Retention

Organic mulch that’s composed of natural materials from your area is a great solution for moisture retention in your yard. It also prevents you from overwatering your plants and grass. Just like fertilizer, you need to choose the right mulch based on your regional climate and the types of plants you have in your garden to ensure optimal results. In fact, some fertilizer and mulch combinations work very well together to keep your garden thriving, so always make sure to consult garden care professionals.

Avoid Laying New Grass in the Dead of Summer

Understandably, the warm temperatures and sunshine tempt a lot of people to toil in their gardens. But, you should try to avoid laying new grass in the summer months at all costs. The extreme heat can hinder new grass seeds from growing. While it’s not necessarily impossible to cultivate new grass seeds in the summer, it does take a lot of extra effort and watering to maintain an ideal ground temperature for germination. The best time of year for lawn seeding is in the early spring or fall.

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