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For the untrained hands, it can be difficult, albeit greatly rewarding, to create an elaborate landscape design around a naturally sloping hillside. Depending on the depth of the hill itself, this is no doubt a challenging task for even the most skilled gardeners and professional landscapers in the industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally impossible. Toronto is full of naturally sloping plots of land that call for imaginative landscape management and unique hillside landscaping ideas that can make any residential or commercial property a cut above the rest.

Interesting Hillside Landscaping Ideas That’ll Help Increase Your Property Value

Whether your goal is to enhance the naturally sloping landscape of your residential or commercial property, there are so many different ideas you can implement into the design of your outdoor space to make it pop. Proper commercial landscaping and residential garden installation can truly improve the look of your property and significantly increase its value over time as long as your land is well maintained. Here are a few dynamic ideas and concepts that can boost your outdoor design:

Incorporate Different Textural Elements

What this means is that rather than deciding between using either hard or softscapes, you can easily combine the two looks to create one cohesive, stylish, and visually interesting design that matches your personal tastes but also has enough universal appeal to appease others as well.

Layer It Up

You may not realize this, but hillside planting actually offers numerous advantages that flat land simply can’t. Hillside gardens offer the ability to combine different layers of colours, textures, and plant varietals to establish a truly attention-grabbing and awe-inspiring spectacle. That kind of imaginative landscaping has the power to draw people toward your commercial or residential property.

Add a Unique Pathway

There’s nothing quite as inviting as a beautiful and perfectly placed stone or brick pathway leading up to your front door to entice people to check out your property. Whether it’s your next door neighbours coming over for a nice afternoon visit, customers wandering into your store, or clients coming into your office building for a meeting, a unique pathway can make anyone feel welcome.

Calming Water Features

Ask yourself what exactly you’re trying to accomplish with the design of your outdoor space. Are you trying to create a calm and serene sanctuary for yourself, your family, or for any passersby? If that’s the case, then the most effective way to achieve this goal is by adding beautiful and multi-leveled water features such as ponds or fountains that’ll not only enhance the scenery in your outdoor space, but also have a soothing effect.

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