Sodding Vs Seeding

If you’re looking to attract business and visitors to your property, hiring professional sodding and seeding services for your property in Brampton might be your best solution. Sure, garden installation services and landscaping services can boost your property’s curb appeal tenfold, but if you really want to get your lawn looking its best, investing in sodding or seeding services is your best option.

The Power of a Lush Green Lawn

Did you know that residential, commercial, and even industrial properties can attract visitors and customers with the aesthetics of their property. With regular care and maintenance, a lush green lawn can enhance the visual appeal and can also increase the value of a property.

Sodding: Instant Elegance for Your Lawn

Sodding refers to the pre-grown grass available in rolls. This method of rejuvenating a lawn provides instantaneous curb appeal as the grass blades have already sprouted and only need to take root into the soil.

Before laying the new sod, the area must be free of grass and rocks. The ground should also have at least one inch of existing soil. The next step is to prepare the soil with a rake to create an even level of ground that is loose and not compacted.

The soil must then be dampened before the sod is unrolled with no overlapping of the edges. Water the newly laid sod twice daily for the first several weeks to ensure the roots take hold within the soil. Avoid walking on the new sod for the first four weeks and don’t mow the grass.

Seeding: Nurturing Beauty from Scratch

Rejuvenating a property with grass seeds is considered to be one of the eco-friendlier methods of enhancing a lawn.

The area must have all weeds and any showing grass removed. Any debris or rocks will also need to be raked before adding the seeds. Compost or other organic matter will need to be placed on the surface of the soil before the area is tilled to combine the two.

Whether the seed is spread by hand or by a machine, follow the recommendation as the type of grass species demands different management. Water the seeded area twice daily for the first month or until the grass blades begin to grow. Watering should be kept at a minimum of once a day afterwards until the grass stands at two inches in height.

Mow the new grass once it reaches three to four inches high. It will take one thorough growing season for the new grass to be suitable for regular foot traffic use.

Making the Choice: Sodding vs. Seeding

In deciding between sodding verses seeding, there are pros and cons of both methods to take into consideration.

The prime benefits of sodding the lawn are instant enjoyment and visual appeal of a new lawn in comparison to seeds. Sod can be laid at any time in the spring, summer, or fall. Sod is also designed to take root within the first three weeks, requiring less care and maintenance. This convenience does increase the cost of the new lawn and requires immediate installation once removed from the original wrapping.

Advantages of seeding the lawn include the availability of various grass species to use that offer a stronger rooting system for the longevity of the lawn. Seeding can be less expensive than sodding although it does take more time to see results. A common disadvantage of using seeds is that late summer and early fall are the recommended times to seed, which may be too late for some property owners. The first several weeks are critical for supplying the right amount of water to the seeds.

Expert Tips for Lawn Renovations in Brampton

A professional lawn renovation in Brampton takes time and effort in order to ensure your lawn looks great all year-round. Specifically, a new lawn requires a strict regimen of watering, fertilizing, and reseeding. Follow these expert tips for maintaining your new lawn in Brampton.

  • Aerate the lawn
  • Apply half an inch of compost
  • Spread fertilizer
  • Seed bare areas
  • Water the freshly laid sods or planted seeds
  • Mow the new lawn once grass is three inches tall.

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