How to Avoid Common Mulching Mistakes

When it comes to gardening, most people don’t realize the importance of using mulch for aesthetics as well as the benefits for plants, trees, and other growth. Mulch reduces weed development while retaining moisture for the targeted plants. It acts as a temperature regulator for the soil and provides the nutrients both the soil and plants need to grow and bloom. 

Common Mulching Mistakes on Commercial Properties in Brampton

Commercial property maintenance in Brampton by a reputable company involves various care and maintenance services including mulching. The application, type, and location of the mulch can make all the difference between a beautiful and lush landscape and a damaged one. Without proper care, mulch can cause severe conservation issues. Below are some mulching situations to avoid.


Excessive use of mulch can be just as harmful as not using the covering at all. All types of mulch should only be piled to a height ranging between two to four inches. Laying several inches of mulch can impede the growth of the nearby plants and trees and cause damage to the roots, bark, or stems. 

Mulching Too Close to Tree Trunks

Dark and light mulch provides an appealing sight across a landscape of trees, plants, and flower beds. Often times, the application of mulch too close to the base of trees can lead to damage and disease. The line of mulch should be placed at least two to three inches out from the base of the tree to the “drip line” of the branches. 

Using Inappropriate Mulch Materials

Mulch is mulch, right? No, unfortunately not all mulch is treated the same and some products can cause damage to the soil, plants, grass, and trees. Finer mulch cannot properly protect as it decomposes quickly, losing any nutrients and not regulating moisture correctly. 

Ignoring Drainage Issues

Mulching mistakes on landscaping are common with poor drainage setups. Areas where water pools or has slow drainage passages can invite disease and pests. When applying mulch, make sure that there is appropriate soil drainage from the ground level to the roots of the trees and plants. 

Neglecting Weed Control

As a ground cover, mulch may be used to cover young sprouting weeds in the area. While layers of mulch can destroy a few weeds, it does not prevent growth of all existing or new weeds. It is recommended to remove any weeds before applying mulch. 

Wrong Mulching Time

All gardening and landscape care demands the right weather and temperature conditions. The best time to place mulch is when the ground is damp, not when the hot summer sun has dried the ground. The timing of applying mulch can also be dependent on the specific plant species.

Creating Mulch Volcanoes Around Trees

One of the biggest mistakes seen with mulch is creating “volcanos” around trees and shrubs. The mulch is piled high around the base running up the trunk up to one foot in height. It may offer a unique sighting, but it prevents the tree and its roots from receiving needed oxygen, nutrients, and moisture.

How to Avoid Mulching Mistakes on Your Commercial Properties in Brampton

There are significant solutions to mulching mistakes to protect the health of the soil, grass, plants, and trees. 

  • Follow proper mulching techniques
  • Use the appropriate amount of mulch
  • Maintain a proper distance from tree trunks
  • Choose appropriate mulch materials
  • Address any drainage issues
  • Use weed control measures

Benefits of Proper and Professional Mulching Practices in Brampton

Commercial property maintenance services in Brampton involve steps to improve and maintain the growth of plants and trees through quality control with mulch application. 

  • Improved plant health: A healthy plant exists based on the soil structure, proper drainage, and access to nutrients.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Using the proper type and amount of mulch can save you money and time by reducing the risk for relacing and treating damaged trees. 
  • Increased property value: Professional mulching services in Brampton are a cost-effecting way to increase a property’s value through a healthy and aesthetically pleasing landscape.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: Aside from the benefits, using mulch is an added touch to enhance the appearance of a property.

Contact the Experts to Ensure Your Landscape Benefits from Mulching

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