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When it comes to designing the layout for your outdoor space, you need to make sure you choose a landscape irrigation system that fulfills the needs of your garden. Every garden has different needs based upon the types of greenery involved as well as the intent of the garden itself. Growing a vegetable garden is a completely different type of landscaping endeavour than cultivating a flower garden and it’s imperative that you recognize the stipulations required for both. Plant placement and irrigation are both paramount factors because some plants require prolonged hours of sunlight and watering than others. You need to group plants with similar care requirements close to one another to allow for optimal watering levels in your garden.

Types of Water-Efficient Irrigation Systems

Of course, the most efficient way to water your plants is to do it by hand, but it’s understandable that not everyone has the time or resources to do this. Some plants reap more benefits from being watered during certain times of day, which is a huge inconvenience for people who don’t necessarily work from home. That’s why there are numerous types of irrigation systems to fit within your schedule and suit the watering needs of your garden.

Drip Irrigation Systems

This is a rater simple concept that involves a somewhat complex setup. The fundamental idea behind drip irrigation systems is that they’re comprised of a series of interconnected tubes that are connected to your water main. These tubes are situated next to specific plants or groups of plants to deliver small droplets of water directly to the soil where your plants are growing. This allows the water to reach the roots of your plants at a much faster rate so that they’re constantly hydrated. You can arrange each tube to dispel a certain amount of water at specific times so that your plants don’t become waterlogged. In the long run, this controlled irrigation system will save you a great deal of money on your monthly water bill, but it takes expert hands to install it properly.

Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses are most ideal for watering flowerbeds because they provide precise aim and control over water levels. They’re very easy to install so that even the most novice gardeners can use them. As a relatively inexpensive alternative to traditional moving hoses, soaker hoses allow you to water your plants more efficiently because they exert small amounts of water so that each plant only gets the exact amount of water it needs for survival. You can even install a timer so that your plants will be watered in a timely manner even when you’re not home.


Sprinklers are a universal type of irrigation system because they can be used to water your entire garden all at the same time. They only dispense small amounts of water, but their far-reaching range allows you to water multiple plants and parts of your garden simultaneously. They’re best used in large gardens with a variety of plant types such as flowers, trees, shrubs, grass and vegetables.


Bubblers are typically used in large gardens in which localized irrigation is necessary. They’re little spouts that protrude from the ground and spray low-pressure amounts of water directly onto your plants. On top of that, the excess water is often absorbed by the surrounding soil so that it seeps beneath the surface of the ground and hydrates your plants internally as well as externally.

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