Bush Hogging Services for Commercial Landscape

If you didn’t properly maintain your commercial landscape in the fall, then chances are that you probably have a lot of overgrown and soggy organic matter to deal with now that the snow has melted. You have two options: you can either attempt to clear it out yourself or you can hire bush hogging services for commercial landscapes in Mississauga.

In this article, we explain what bush hogging is and why you should consider getting it professionally done for your property. 

What Is Bush Hogging?

Whether you call it brush hogging, rough-cut mowing, or bush hogging, this is a form of landscaping that involves clearing out trees and small bits of greenery for a variety of commercial and industrial purposes, primarily hunting, farming, and infrastructural developments. “Bush hogging” is a generic trademark that became a popular industry term derived from the name of an actual piece of equipment called a Bush Hog. A Bush Hog is a heavy-duty rotary cutter that’s attached to the tail-end of a tractor trailer. 

The main purpose of this type of industrial mower isn’t to produce a clean-cut result that you’d see on a professionally manicured lawn, baseball field, or courtyard. Rather it’s to remove large patches of overgrown foliage from a fairly even stretch of land that doesn’t contain any large rocks or other obstructions that could damage the equipment. 

Why Bush Hogging Services are an Asset for Commercial Landscapes

Bush hogs are essentially oversized industrial lawnmowers that are designed to cut through thick organic matter such as thatch and other debris that can accumulate on unused stretches of land over long periods of time. Manually clearing out severely overgrown organic matter is incredibly labour intensive, time-consuming, and costly. 

Bush hog equipment can either be attached to the back of an existing tractor or you can purchase a standalone rotary cutter to clear out large patches of land. Much like residential lawnmowers, bush hogs tend to fling organic matter at high speeds in all directions. Due to the potential for personal and widespread injury as well as property damages, it’s highly recommended that companies only hire fully licensed and trained commercial landscape contractors in Mississauga to handle all of their bush hogging needs. 

Here are a few benefits of professional bush hogging services for your businesses. 

Revive Dead Land and Remove Overgrown Foliage

Overgrown dead foliage serves absolutely no purpose and can even diminish land value over time. Thatch that’s accumulated in large amounts throughout the landscape creates an ample breeding ground for bacteria, plant-borne diseases, pests, and even soil-transmitted parasites such as hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. 

Bush hogging removes overgrown foliage including dead grass, weeds, vines, shrubs, and trees to make the land arable for farming or usable for other commercial or industrial purposes. 

Removing all of that excess debris allows the soil to breathe and retain moisture again. It also opens up possibilities for developers to use the land to build commercial, residential, or industrial structures. Furthermore, the revitalized and rehabilitated land can also be used as a community protected green space or animal sanctuary. 

Clear Out the Land for Farming or Hunting Purposes

Bush hogging services for commercial landscapes use a wide range of tools and equipment to get the job done correctly. They also employ a wide range of safety measures to prevent and reduce the risk of on-the-job injuries to their employees as well as anyone who uses the commercial property. Aside from rotary cutter attachments, bush hogging may also entail the use of sharp instruments such as pole saws, pruning shears, machete, hatchets, axes, and weed eaters to remove heavy thatch and organic matter that the cutter might have missed.

If the plan is to use the land for commercial farming or hunting, then all of the excess thatch that was cut down must be carefully removed to facilitate these purposes. 

Maintain the Biodiversity of the Land

Foliage overgrowth causes excessive amounts of moisture to become trapped underneath the thick and heavy thatch without being properly consumed by the soil. Any plants that may have existed on that land previously will eventually be choked and deprived of the appropriate amount of moisture they need to survive. 

Weeds and other harmful plants will eventually take their place and prevent desirable greenery from growing. Clearing out overgrown land through the process of bush hogging removes all of the thatch and weeds that consume oxygen and the nutrients your plants need. Once the land is properly cleared out and prepared, you can start using it to plant or harvest a host of diverse plants and crops. 

Improve Inherited Land That Hasn’t Been Properly Maintained

Did you recently inherit a large plot of land that hasn’t been properly maintained in a long time? Even if you plan on selling the land, you still have to spend a lot of time and money to make it presentable or even desirable to potential buyers. Clearing out the land of all organic matter by using professional bush hogging services for landscapes in Mississauga boosts the curb appeal and ensures a speedy sale. 

Protect Private Roads

Businesses or commercial properties located in rural areas of Ontario can’t always rely on provincial services to maintain local or private roads. Sometimes, it’s up to commercial property managers to arrange for vegetation overgrowth to be removed. Bush hogging ensures that your property is easily visible from long distances on rural roads. It also keeps harmful vegetation in check and ensures that it doesn’t interfere with or encroach upon your plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, or crops. Depending on how far out your property line extends, you may even be legally responsible for maintaining a small stretch of the road that leads to your business. 

How Long Does Bush Hogging Take to Complete?

The length of time it takes to bush hog a commercial property depends entirely on the size of the land, the amount of accumulated overgrowth that needs to be removed, and the condition of the terrain. As long as all tree stumps, low-hanging tree branches, large rocks, and pieces of debris have been removed, professional bush hogging services should be able to work at a respectable pace of clearing out 2.5 acres of land per hour. 

Hire Bush Hogging Services for Commercial Landscapes in Mississauga

FOREVER GREEN LAWN & LANDSCAPE INC. has over 25 years of experience providing professional grass cutting services for residential and commercial properties throughout the GTA. As a family-oriented full-service landscape design and management company, we also provide expert bush hogging services as needed. All of our employees are fully trained and covered by WSIB insurance. Contact us today to learn more.

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