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Snow removal is one of those things that isn’t always top of mind until it’s absolutely needed. But, as all commercial property owners are aware, it’s better to be prepared in advance rather than waiting until the last minute to hire a professional snow removal company in Brampton or anywhere else in the GTA. Failing to arrange for safe and thorough snow removal from your commercial property could open up to a lot of potential liability issues that are completely avoidable.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is already preventing most people from going out. Even though most businesses are offering curbside pickup and takeout, most people don’t want to further risk their health and safety by driving or walking on a neglected parking lot covered in ice and snow. By hiring a professional local snow removal service, you can ensure the safety of everyone who uses your parking lot and extend the lifespan of your asphalt pavement at the same time. These are the qualities you should look for when hiring a winter property maintenance company in Brampton and the GTA.

Do They Offer a Comprehensive Written Contract?

Transparency and integrity are extremely important whenever written contracts that detail services to be rendered are involved. When looking for a reputable snow removal service in your area, make sure they can draw up a comprehensive written contract that not only lists the services they provide along with the prices, but that also includes details regarding those services. It’s not enough for the snow removal company to simply state that they’ll remove snow and ice from your property. They should also provide a detailed service plan that outlines exactly how the snow and ice will be removed and how they dispose of it once it’s off of your property.

You should also inquire about the specifics of the services they offer. Are they willing to work in the middle of inclement weather events or do they strictly wait until after the storm is over before performing their services? This is the type of detail that’s better to know beforehand.

What Type of Equipment Do They Use?

For the sake of your own research and peace of mind, you should also ask for a complete list of the snow removal, de-icing, and winter property maintenance equipment that the company uses. How old is the equipment? How often is it maintained? This information is important for a number of reasons.

The age of the equipment and the maintenance frequency speak to the reliability and trustworthiness of the snow removal company itself. Routine maintenance can greatly extend the lifespan of snow removal equipment. But if machines are constantly out of service or breaking down, then this can cause a lot of delays and increase your business’s downtime. Regardless of the size and layout of your commercial property, you need reassurance that all winter maintenance will be completed in a timely and efficient manner, so you can resume your regular operations.

What are Their Response Times Like?

Before you settle on one particular snow removal company in Brampton or the GTA, it’s important to do a lot of research to make sure you’re making the right choice. You want to hire a company that’s reliable, responsible, and most of all that responds quickly to your inquiries.

If it takes longer than 24 hours for a company to respond to your email or return a phone call, then take that as a red flag that it’s time to move on. Slow response times signal lack of proper customer service and complete disregard for your time or needs. Reputable snow removal companies will always take the time to respond quickly to your inquiries, regardless of how busy they are. Fast response times are a pillar of excellent customer service and this should indicate the type of service you can expect to receive in the future.

The Size of Their Crew

When it comes to hiring a local snow removal service, the size of their crew is important. They should have a crew that’s large enough to accommodate the unique needs of your property, especially if you have a lot of square footage to cover.

Keep in mind that winter weather in Ontario can sometimes be unpredictable. Some days are milder than others. We get sunshine and high temperatures one day and below freezing snowstorms the next. The snow removal company you hire should always be ten steps ahead and prepared to handle any weather conditions that may come their way.

Employee Training, Experience, and Safety Standards

Snow removal and de-icing crews should undergo ongoing on-the-job practical, equipment, and safety training. In this industry, safety standards are under constant review and undergo frequent updates. So it’s important that the snow removal company you hire is fully up-to-date on all of their safety training. Don’t hesitate to ask about the experience level of their crew members.

At the end of the day, your top priority should be maintaining your commercial property throughout the winter season. Workers’ compensation is another factor you should consider. Who is responsible if a crew member sustains an injury while on the job? These are details that should be ironed out and included in your contract.

Level of Professionalism

Consider how you feel while speaking to company representatives. Are they polite and courteous? Do they answer all of your questions? How quickly do they respond to your inquiries? This point is worth reiterating because it speaks to the company’s level of professionalism.

The professionalism of the crew is also important. What’s their behaviour like when they’re on the jobsite? Do they leave coffee cups, debris, and machinery all over the place in their downtime? Even though they don’t directly work for you, they still represent your business when they’re on your property. Lack of professionalism can reflect poorly on your business.

Perform Reference Checks

Reputable snow removal companies should have nothing to hide and they’ll usually gladly provide references of their past customers if you ask for them. Checking out their past work will give you a good idea if they’re capable of managing your winter snow removal needs.

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