Rock Salt vs. Liquid De-Icers

It’s that time of year when the snow starts falling and the temperatures dip below 0 degrees Celsius. With this comes dangerous outdoor conditions that could cause accidents, slips, and injuries. How can you combat the icy conditions and ensure the safety of yourself, employees, visitors, clientele, and the property itself? Below, we explore the differences between using rock salt vs. liquid de-icers on your property.

What Are Rock Salt De-Icers?

De-icing professionals in Brampton describe rock salt as a barrier between the ground and the fallen snow to prevent icy conditions as temperatures drop. The chemical composition melts the snow and ice layers quickly, improving the ability to remove the newly formed snow and ice from your property. In addition to melting ice and snow, rock salt provides traction for vehicles and foot traffic.

When Should You Choose the Rock Salt De-Icing Method on Your Property?

Rock salt is used in temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius to help increase the timing of the snow melt and to assist addressing any hidden ice formations. Most rock salt applications are effective when used before, during, and after any type of snowfall.

What Are Liquid De-Icers?

Liquid de-icer is used as a pre-treatment method to prevent ice from forming as it inhibits the contact of snow to the surface of the ground. By using liquid de-icer before a snowstorm, the ground surface is less slick. The chemical composition is easier on the pavement as it reduces the risk of damage. As a liquid form of salt, it forms a white coating once the liquid begins to dry.

When Should You Choose Liquid De-Icers on Your Property?

Liquid de-icer application is a common sight on major roadways and highways by the provincial and municipal transportation departments. It is advised to use liquid de-icer in the hours before a snowstorm and/or ice storm as it does require longer to begin working on the surface. Liquid de-icer is best used when the temperatures hit below 0 degrees Celsius.

Which De-Icers Are Best for Your Property?

With the options, it is obvious to wonder how to choose the best de-icer for your property needs. The use of rock salt and/or liquid de-icer depends largely on the weather forecast, the temperatures, the timing, and the surface for which the protectant will be used. While one may be more cost-effective than the other, when it comes to safety, there is no room for doubt.

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