Spring cleanup

It’s that time of year again, spring cleanup of your commercial property. The outside of your business needs the same care and attention you invest into the interior. Maintaining a flower garden and lawn for a commercial property can take more time than what’s available, or even expected. 

Hiring a professional landscaping service can be a blessing in disguise for most property owners and managers. In some cases, lawn maintenance services in Brampton are key to boosting your sales as first impressions are number one in the business trade. 

Creating an aesthetically pleasing yard can save you time and money in terms of the health and longevity of your landscape. Here are seven`1 you should include on your spring cleanup checklist. 

Removing Refuse

The first task of a professional landscape service is cleaning the trash and other refuse left behind by winter. Early winter snowstorms can form a disguising blanket over litter that tends to quickly become permanently frozen to the ground. These include, but not limited to, food containers, cigarette butts, paper, and animal feces. Removal of nature’s litter of leaves, dead grass, pinecones, and tree branches are also completed at this time. 

Prune Perennials in the Spring

The joy of planting perennials is the rebirth of the various plants and shrubs the next year. These need attention in the early spring by way of pruning. Natural gardeners understand the importance in preserving the plants through proper pruning. Removal of dead leaves, buds, and stalks can help produce beautiful new growth. This is often done to perennials plants and flowers, perennial grass, and woody perennials. 

Include Decluttering, Fertilizing, Mowing, & More

Spring lawn care service in Brampton offers an array of care for the lawn and grassy areas of the commercial property. After the initial spring cleanup, regular lawncare is warranted to maintain a beautiful, attractive landscape. Lawns require nutrients and water to survive and grow. Through fertilization and mowing, your commercial lawns and grassy knolls will be attracting the right kind of attention. 

Check for Edging

Commercial landscaping and lawncare should be taken to the next aesthetic level with the use of edging for flower gardens. Depending on the lot’s curb appeal, the use of hidden rubbing edging below the surface can provide a streamlined look to the plant beds. Repair and installation of new edging can help ensure your plant beds are protected from neighbouring grass and asphalt turf. 

Check Water Drainage/Irrigation System

One common overlooked feature of lawn maintenance is proper water drainage and an irrigation system across the landscaped property. To protect your trees, plants, and turf, ensure there is a correct water runoff away from these aspects of your property with a pitch renovation service. Having a professional irrigation service will ensure your greenery receives the right amount of water as needed. 

In regard to the property’s green turf, there are two required provisions for a healthy green landscape: dethatching and aeration. Dethatching is the removal of brown, dead patches of grass, while aeration involves poking holes in the soil to help stimulate water and air absorption. Both services are done to restore and promote a healthy turf. For damaged areas, a sod replacement program may be ideal. 

Include Pest and Weed Control

Have a professional landscaping team tackle one of the less attractive spring lawncare tasks of pests and weed control. For plant and flower beds, using landscape fabric on the bottom of the bed helps to prevent more weeds from developing. For bigger areas, an eco-friendly pre-emergent weed product can be used. 

Pest control sees the use of products to ward off garden bugs and pests that can damage and destroy your beautiful plants and flowers. Depending on where your commercial property is located, many landscaping services also have prevention methods for deer, rabbits, and skunks. 

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