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Summertime is the best time of year to start building up and expanding upon your gardening skills. At the same time, though, it can also be the death of a lot of people’s lawns because of the extreme fluctuations in weather patterns and the humidity index. Believe it or not, the time of day that you water your plants actually does make a discernible difference in how well they grow. The first step to having a beautiful lawn is installing and maintaining a high-quality irrigation system that can help you strategically water your plants at the right intervals.

Here are a few summer landscaping tips to help you enhance your lawn care skills.

Look into Watering Requirements for Your Garden

Depending on the types of plants involved, every garden is different and that means their watering requirements may vary. Certain plants may require more frequent watering than others, while others might only need minimal amounts of hydration to get them through the day. Plan your garden proficiently by placing plants that only need small amounts of water next to plants that require more water. The excess runoff water from plants that need more H2O can be absorbed by plants that only need a small amount. This technique will prevent your plants from being over or under-watered.

Water at the Right Time

Watering your plants at random times of the day can actually be quite detrimental to their health and hinder their survival. In case you’re wondering, there is an ideal time of day to water your plants and it’s in the morning. Watering your garden in the morning allows your plants and grass to absorb the water throughout the day and also facilitates photosynthesis. Nighttime watering is one of the biggest gardening mistakes you can make. The cool evening air actually prevents your plants from fully absorbing the water and instead it just pools on their leaves or in the soil rather than evaporating. This can lead to a whole host of potential diseases and the formation of mold.

Inspect Your Irrigation System Regularly

Scheduled maintenance and performance tests throughout the year are mandatory to ascertain that your irrigation system remains in optimal working condition. In the summer time, you should be conducting these tests at least once every 2-3 months. Do one in the beginning of the season either in May or early June and one towards the end in August. Of course, you should also keep an eye on your irrigation system in the time between those months as well. If you notice that certain parts of your lawn have dried out, then it could mean they’re not receiving enough water or they’re being overwatered.

Don’t Use Hot Water

Hot water can not only wilt your precious plants, but it can also sear the blades of your grass and remnants of it can damage the inside of your hose. Always use cool water to keep your plants well hydrated.

Get Professional Garden Care Advice

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