Winter tree care & planting services

Tree care and planting services should be part of every property owner’s winter property maintenance regime. Before the great Ontario winter snow and ice storms damage your trees, there are steps to take to ensure your trees are safe and healthy this season.

Prune Trees in Your Commercial Yard

Winter tree care services include professional pruning services. Before the temperatures drop and the fresh white blanket of snow drapes across the branches, prune the tree limbs to protect them from damage. The ice and snow can cling to the branches, making them hang low and potentially snap during extreme cold temperatures.

Bring All Potted Trees Inside

Smaller trees placed in pots may be vulnerable to the harsh winter temperatures and winds. It is recommended to bring them into a warm climate such as a heated shed or house. During the winter, the trees still require sunlight and should be placed near windows for healthy growth.

Wrap Newly Planted & Young Tree Stems

Professional tree planting services recommend wrapping young trees to protect them from the snow and ice. The sub-zero temperatures can damage the interior of the tree. Using burlap, plastic, or cardboard tightly wrapped around the trunk can offer insulation and protection. To prevent moisture lock, which can stimulate mould development, remove wrapping from trees in the early spring.

Cable and Brace Your Trees

Young trees need stability and support to grow. Metal cables are used to add extra support to the branches to evenly distribute stress points. Steel rods are used as braces to protect and repair the lower half of the tree from environmental damage.

Apply the Layer of Mulch

Mulch is used as a protective layer around the base of trees and shrubs year-round. During the cold temperatures and snow of winter, it is important to insulate the roots and trunk of the tree, especially newly planted ones.

Gently Brush Off Snow Covered Trees

After each snowstorm, it is recommended to brush off the snow on the reachable branches of the trees. Do not shake or bang against the branches as this can weakened the limbs. If there is a layer of ice on the branches, it is best to allow it to naturally melt and then check the branches and trunk for any damage.

Plant Hardwood Trees in Your Commercial Yards

To prevent having to continuously replacing birch, poplar, and elm trees after every harsh winter season, consider planting hardwood trees. Oak and maple trees are deemed to be hardy trees, bearable for the Canadian winters.

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