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Lawn aeration and seeding can help keep your entire outdoor space healthy and thriving as the temperatures start to cool down during the autumn months. The transition period between the end of summer and beginning of fall is the perfect time to aerate your lawn and apply new grass seed. This is because the cooler temperatures may start to dry out the soil, preventing moisture from seeping through and your grass roots from expanding.

While you should be aerating your lawn regularly throughout the growing season, there are a few important benefits to doing so in the fall as well.

Lawn Aeration Reduces Soil Compaction

Soil compaction is a common practice in the farming, landscaping, and gardening industries. While it has some benefits for the health of the soil, there is such a thing as excessive compaction which can prevent your grass and other plants from receiving the oxygen and nutrients they need to survive. This is especially common during the fall season when the ground temperatures begin to drop and the soil loses moisture. Aeration helps to reduce soil compaction, allows for proper water and airflow below the surface of the ground, and acts as a tunnel for expanding roots.

Promotes Healthy Root Growth

As mentioned, in order for plants to survive in any climate, they need to be able to expand their roots as openly and freely as possible. A big part of proper landscape maintenance, regardless of the size of your property, is to thoroughly aerate the soil to allow for root expansion, oxygen absorption, hydration, and the absorption of nutrients and minerals.

Allows for Better Thatch Management

Thatch is organic material that collects on your lawn. It’s typically composed of fallen leaves or leftover grass clippings from mowing the lawn. A small amount of thatch buildup is good for your lawn and can even provide vital nutrients and minerals that your plants need. However, too much thatch buildup can actually restrict oxygenation and hydration and it also creates a favourable environment for harmful pests and insects. Thorough lawn care like aeration can prevent too much thatch from accumulating and provides proper air and water circulation.

Lawn Aeration Means More Seed Bed Preparation

Aerating your lawn prior to overseeding promotes better seed germination because there’s more space for the seeds to land and make their homes. Over time, the holes you create will naturally fill up with organic matter and moisture which promotes healthy plant growth.

Aerate and Seed Your Lawn This Fall

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