When it comes to landscape contractors in Brampton, it is important to hire a reputable firm to ensure your commercial property receives the best care. To present your business as proficient and professional, the upkeep of the exterior is just as important as the interior cleanliness of your workspace.

Is your current landscaper meeting your expectations? These are seven indications that you should choose new landscapers to care for your commercial property. 

They Are Inconsistent in Their Service

Good landscaping contractors need to be consistent in their service, both timewise and with efficiency. With the ever-changing weather of rain and hot temperatures during the summer months, your commercial property needs regular attention as grass and weeds grow fast!

A professional landscaping firm will follow a scheduled maintenance routine to ensure your property is always presenting a good impression. If your current landscape service is not providing regular upkeep, it’s time to change companies.

Issues with Lawn Colour or Thickness

Anyone can mow a lawn, pull weeds, and perform some type of landscaping work. One major sign to look for when your landscape contractor should be switched is the health of the lawn. There should be no patches of dead or brown grass, nor should there be thin spots scattered across the lawn.

Grass requires specific care, including nutrients, to maintain colour and lushness. If your lawn and garden care is not up to acceptable standards, it is time to consider hiring another landscape firm.

Communication Issues

As with any landscaping company in Brampton, communication between you and the contact person is key. This is a business contract and relationship which requires understanding and communication of both parties.

Holidays, impending weather conditions, sickness, and vacations can disrupt a scheduled lawn service. Without proper notice of delays or even no-shows, it can create a ripple effect in the business relationship.

Professionalism Is on the Low End

With proper landscape maintenance, there needs to be a level of professionalism from the landscape contractor. This extends further than keeping appointments, maintaining open communication, and performing lawncare as it should.

What is the professionalism of your landscape workers? Are they using foul language or blasting music that interferes with your employees work? Take a look at their equipment. Is it kept in good shape and high-quality? You can’t expect a non-professional company to produce the best care your commercial lot requires.

Lawn Was Sprayed with Gas, Fertilizer, or Weed Killer

In keeping with the health of your lawn, notice patches of brown spots or damage from chemical spills? These are definite signs to switch your landscaping company before they further damage your lawn. Allowing spills to soak into the ground can create a ripple effect that may require a portion of your lawn to be replaced.

Yes, accidental spillage of gas and weed destroyer can easily occur, but if your damaged grass is not mended, it’s time to hire someone else.

Improper Pruning Practices

Pruning is the shearing and trimming of plants, trees, and shrubs. A good landscape company has the knowledge of when, how, and what to prune as not all greenery should be treated the same. Plants need specific trimming to ensure the interior receives the nutrients, air, and water it needs to flourish.

Consider hiring another landscaping firm if your present one tends to shear everything in sight or if they “skip” pruning all together.

They’re Not Environmentally Conscious

In today’s market, there are numerous eco-friendly products and methods to combat unwanted weeds and pests without using harsh chemicals. Your landscaper should not be consistently using pesticides and insecticides to care for your commercial property.

These products can not only damage surrounding plants and grass but can be harmful to your employees and clientele. Hire a knowledgeable landscaper that takes precautions with chemical use when need arises and chooses to use alternatives as the case permits.

Call FOREVER GREEN for Professional Landscape Contractors in Brampton

For professional commercial landscape maintenance in Brampton, contact the experts at FOREVER GREEN LAWN & LANDSCAPE INC. Our lawn and gardenmaintenance and landscaping services are performed with our high-quality equipment by certified and trained lawn specialists. 

>We have been providing excellent customer service through our design and maintenance programs for more than 25 years. We understand the importance of presenting a well-manicured property for your commercial business. We offer customized landscape plans to fit your commercial schedule. 

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