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Right now, Canadians all over the country are dealing with one of the most dreaded aspects of the winter season: snow removal. Just when you think we’re finally in the clear and headed toward milder weather, the forecast suddenly calls for a massive weekend snowstorm. If you’re tired of the backbreaking work that’s involved in shovelling heavy amounts of snow from your commercial or residential property, here are the top snow removal trends that alleviate some of the work for you.

Using Environmentally-Friendly Deicing Agents

Traditionally, deicing agents are chock-full of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Many of these chemicals end up in our sewer systems, lakes, and rivers in the form of runoff melted water. And you can guess where they also end up from there. That’s right, directly into our community water supplies. The good news is that there are all natural environmentally-friendly alternatives that are infiltrating the market, so make sure you check the ingredients list of the deicing products you buy.

Choosing the Right Snow Removal Tools for Your Property

Shovels and snow plows have certainly come a long way since they were first introduced many years ago. Given the fact that modern properties have different layouts, not to mention the innovations that have been made in the asphalt and concrete industry, snow removal tools are constantly evolving to suit modern needs. The type of shovel or snow plow your property requires depends largely on its layout and the type of asphalt or concrete aggregate you have. Snow removal equipment can be designed for commercial, residential, or industrial use with options ranging from heavyweight to lightweight depending on the use.

Adjustable Snow Blowers with Different Settings

If you happen to have a large property or limited mobility, then you might be in the market for a high-end snow blower. Choosing the right one, however, can be challenging. Snow blowers come in all shapes and sizes that range from simple to more advanced settings. Some of them are even adjustable to suit different capabilities and can be easily switched from right-handed to left-handed usage depending on your preferences.

Heated Cables for Snow Removal Tools

Specialty heated cables for snow removal tools are safe and inexpensive. Additionally, they can also be used to facilitate easier snow removal efforts by heating up the ground in advance. As you to plow large amounts of snow, the heated cables are already hard at work heating up your pavement and assisting in the ice melting process. As an added bonus, this is also a more environmentally-friendly alternative to melting ice and removing snow on your property.

Professional Snow Removal Services in Toronto and the GTA

FOVEVER GREEN LAWN & LANDSCAPE INC. offers extensive grounds keeping services for residential and commercial properties throughout Toronto and the GTA, including snow removal services. To learn more about our year-round lawn, garden, and property management services, feel free to contact us and schedule a free consultation!

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