Urban Landscaping Ideas for Commercial Properties

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The exterior of your commercial property should serve a number of purposes that are essential to the success of your business. Among the most important functions of your external commercial property is to establish an aesthetically pleasing, clean, tidy, organized, and welcoming appearance for your customers and employees to enjoy. With proper planning, plant placement, and execution, your commercial landscape in Brampton can be both fully functional and breathtakingly beautiful simply by adhering to the following suggestions:


Focus on the Front Entrance

The entrance is the first aspect of your business that your customers will encounter, which is why it should completely reflect your company values. As your company’s initial point of contact, the entrance to your business can leave a lasting impression on anyone who steps foot on the premises. It should be well maintained, aesthetically pleasing, and have simple paths to follow. First time visitors to your business shouldn’t have a hard time locating your entrance and they should always feel safe walking or driving on your property.

Add Colourful Plants and Flowers

The types of plants, trees, and shrubbery you choose to adorn your external commercial property with speak volumes about the type of impression you’re hoping to establish. In order to come up with an appropriate design for your commercial outdoor space, it’s important to ask yourself what kind of message you want to send to your customers as well as what sort of clientele you’re hoping to attract. By incorporating a bright, bold, and unique array of colours and strategically placed plant varietals into your outdoor space plans, you’re showing your customers and employees that you truly care about their experiences on your property.

Create a Strong Balance between Soft and Hardscapes

If done efficiently, establishing a good mix of soft and hardscape design into your outdoor garden space can add an unparalleled layer of much-needed texture. Pairing beautiful and deliberately placed flowerbeds with beautiful stone or rock edging and pathways can enhance the overall appearance of your outdoor space. Above all else, adding small touches and minor details to your commercial outdoor space can help to establish the exact look and feel that you desire to put your business over the top.

Install Unique Water Features

Stunning and cascading water features such as ornate fountains, fish ponds, or mini-waterfalls can create a romantic and euphoric effect that will encourage visitors to always associate those feelings of happiness with your business. Think of how peaceful and relaxed you feel every time you encounter a waterfall or running stream in someone else’s garden and keep that feeling in the back of your mind while you’re creating the blueprints for your own commercial outdoor space.

Allow FOREVER GREEN LAWN & LANDSCAPE INC. to Design Your Commercial Outdoor Area

At FOREVER GREEN LAWN & LANDSCAPE INC., our top priority is to design and construct absolutely gorgeous outdoor spaces for both our residential and commercial clients in Toronto and the GTA. Having been in business for more than 20 years, we’ve built up a strong reputation for being one of the most reliable and reputable landscaping companies in the industry and we believe that our work speaks for itself. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with our landscaping experts.

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With the evolving COVID-19 situation among us, many businesses and organizations have implemented,or are beginning to implement business continuity plans that aid in social distancing efforts. What this means for your properties is that we’re continuing to implement plans with the aim of keeping our business running as close to normal as possible.

FOREVER GREEN LAWN & LANDSCAPE INC. has protocols and business continuity plans in place to ensure that we can continue providing all regular commercial outdoor services to your properties without significant changes or interruptions. Our services are always happening on the outdoors of your properties, meaning that we will be able to continue serving you without entering your workspaces, ensuring that social distancing protocols are followed.

Our focus remains on the health and safety of our staff, clients, and communities. In order to continue successfully operating, we have implemented internal protocols for all staff that will work to keep all of us safe and protected. We have increased the cleaning and sanitization of our equipment and machinery used to service your properties, and are ensuring all employees are informed and remain compliant.

As of today, all our normal operations are in full working order. That means that for you, our valued clients, it remains business and service as usual without interruption for the foreseeable future. Our lines of communication are always open, should any changes arise.

We look forward to continuing to service your properties and working together to keep your outdoor spaces maintained and safe.