Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping

Now, more than ever, the hospitality industry needs to pull out all the stops to attract new business as people begin to travel again. One leading aspect of improving the guest experience is through proper lawn maintenance and landscaping of your hotel. 

Below, we look at the top 11 ways how to improve the landscaping for your hotel.

Entrances That Dazzle

What is the first thing visitors see upon arrival at your hotel? The entrance! One major way to improve the lawn and landscape for your hotel is by having a spectacular welcoming factor. Consider providing stunning flower beds, oversized planters, and custom-designed walkways. This also entails the layout of your parking lot. 

Pool Deck Alternatives

Pools are a huge attraction for hotel guests. Having slip-resistant stonework along the pool with pebble gardens, hanging baskets, and floating planters outlining the deck can transform any space. Provide natural shade with trees or ramadas strategically placed in the zone. 

Divide Outdoor Space with Privacy in Mind

With privacy in mind for your guests, create miniature oases throughout the grounds. Placing benches and lounge chairs secluded by high rectangular planters and shrubs offers a Zen feel. Using nature to shape and design spaces for quiet times can help make lifetime memories for couples and families alike. 

Multiple Seating Areas

Many hotels are used as a meeting place for distant families as well as a business destinations. Guests, and hotel employees, deserve a place to call their own with designated seating areas to accommodate groups. Embrace nature with tables and comfortable benches surrounded by colorful plants, flowering shrubs, and unique walking paths.

Create Walkways for Exploring the Grounds

In terms of these walking paths, consider the people using them. From young guests in strollers to elderly guests, the walkways need to be user-friendly as well as inviting. Guests will be encouraged to take in the natural environment, so safety should be your first priority.

Add Some Whimsy with Hotel Landscaping

Design your property landscape with whimsical aspects such as topiary art or a mini hedge maze for the kids to explore. Consider designating a garden area for games and entertainment such as washer toss, croquet, or even a life-size chess board.

Use Seasonal Colours

A colourful display of blooming flowers and lush greenery helps to add detail to the great first impression you want to convey! Match the colour scheme of the gardens with the theme of the hotel. Having regular lawn maintenance can include rotating seasonal flowers. 

Harmony and Consistency

To target the theme of the landscape, consider the underlying tone such as the values of the parenting company. Use plants and flowers as well as the layout of the gardens to construct the harmony of the facility. Perhaps adding an “Easter egg” into the mix will surprise and delight guests!

Pet Safety

For the hotels and resorts that offer pet-friendly services, the use of certain plants and flowers, both inside and outside, must be carefully considered. Roses, gerbera daisies, sunflowers, and petunias are just a few of the plants that are not only stunning but pet friendly as well. Don’t forget to provide disposable waste bags and trash cans for your four-legged guests. 

Add Some Natural Appeal

An inviting landscape doesn’t have to stop at meticulous blooms, plants, and shrubs. Extend the appeal of nature with vegetable and herb gardens, ponds, and rock gardens. Use organic materials to extend the longevity of the gardens and attract nature’s beautiful creatures, such as butterflies and hummingbirds.

Add Vertical Gardening to Your Outdoor Space

The latest trends of vertical gardens offer various options to create flower displays. Vertical gardens can add to the dressing up of any entrance to the hotel. They are a great way to cover unappealing views or even to use as a privacy wall.

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