Commercial Properties Tree Planting

Trees are essential to human survival by improving air quality. Trees cool our environment, help filter the earth’s water, regulate temperatures and act as a shelter to wildlife.

But did you know that your commercial property in Bramptoncould also benefit from tree planting services?

Top Reasons to Plant Trees on Your Commercial Property in Brampton

Planting trees is an essential step to help boost curb appeal and create a better environment for employees and clientele. Below are some of the top reasons why grounds maintenance and tree planting services in Brampton are essential for your commercial property.

Lowers Property Maintenance

A reputable landscaping company can help you choose the best trees for your property based on your location and the required maintenance. This way, you can get stunning greenery

without having to worry about trimming hedges and deadheading flowers. You can leave all the maintenance to the professionals.

Increases the Value of Your Property

Did you know that trees can actually increase the value of your property? The organization Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests (LEAF) suggests that trees can boost property values between 5% to 20%. People prefer to live, work, and visit places that have greenery. The more in demand your property is, the more revenue you can make.

Cleans the Air

If one tree provides more than 115 kilograms of oxygen each year, can you imagine the environmental benefits of several trees? Not only will your employees and clientele benefit from a more productive work environment, but planting trees can also help the local vegetation and wildlife thrive.

Prevents Noise Pollution

Commercial landscape management is key to reduce the noise produced on or near the property. Trees can shorten the distance of sound waves by deflection, absorption, and concealment. Branches, leaves, stems, and the wooden trunk itself work to redirect and absorb this energy.

Reduces Energy Expenses

Energy used by the commercial structure can also be affected with the existence of trees. Trees provide shade from the hot summer sun and can deflect the bitter cold winter winds. Because of this, they can reduce the strain on your heating and cooling systems and help you save money in the long run.

Boosts Traffic on Your Commercial Property

Having curb appeal with a variety of greenery from trees can help attract business to your commercial property. Trees help create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere in what otherwise might be a stark lot.

Best Trees to Plant on Your Commercial Property

There are more than 73,000 types of tree species known in the world. Below we look at the top six tree species for commercial landscapes.

White Pine

The white pine tree is one of the most common types of trees in Ontario. Capable of growing up to 50 feet in height, this type of tree is able to withstand extreme weather conditions to maintain its shape.

Crab Apple

Small red buds blossom into glorious pink petals that eventually turn to white with the crab apple tree. This type of tree is used not only for its beauty, but also for its resistance to urban pollution and pests.

Black Willow

The black willow tree is the largest native willow tree in Ontario. As one of the fastest growing trees, it provides a massive amount of shade in the spring and summer months.

Dropmore Linden

A huge attraction for any property is the dropmore linden tree. This huge shade tree produces yellow blossoms. Highlighted by heart-shaped leaves, this type of tree holds the colours of yellow, green, and brown.

Sugar Maple

Every Canadian business needs to have a maple tree and the sugar maple species does not disappoint. As one of the most popular trees in the GTA, the sugar maple provides various colourings of red, yellow, and orange late in the year.

Green Ash

While most trees require a significant amount of ground soil, the green ash tree can be planted in any type of soil. Its ability to thrive in even the harshest climates makes this tree a favourite amongst Ontario commercial lots.

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