Wooden fence

Summer is the perfect time of year to install stylish and functional fencing in your backyard or front yard. There’s no snow or lasting precipitation to contend with, which means you can focus more of your attention on performing landscaping maintenance without disruption from inclement weather. Installing a beautiful wooden, wrought-iron, or bamboo fence has a plethora of excellent advantages that serve both form and function and fulfill a great deal of your landscaping needs. Here are just a few good reasons why you should consider erecting a fence on your property.

Fences Provide Shelter and Privacy

If you’re someone who values your privacy, then installing an ornate or even a plain fence is a good way to ensure that your garden is safe from your neighbours’ prying eyes, intrusions, as well as trespassing neighbourhood kids, pets, or wild animals. While some people might enjoy being able to communicate with their neighbours from their backyards, others prefer to maintain the sanctity of their private space without allowing others to easily peer in.

Fences Help Define Property Lines

A sturdily built garden fence not only protects your prized plants and shrubs from unwelcome intruders, but it can also help distinguish where your property ends and where your neighbours’ properties begin. This is very useful during times when plant overgrowth occurs and it’s especially an asset during the autumn months when trees are in the process of shedding their leaves and neither you nor your neighbour is entirely sure who’s responsible for raking them. It’s a good idea for you and your neighbour to look up a map of property lines in your city and determine the exact boundaries of both of your properties once and for all in order to avoid any conflict.

Increased Security for Your Property

Landscape fencing can help to greatly increase security for your property because in most cases, it deters potential home intruders, nosy neighbours (and their kids), and stray animals or pets from wandering into your yard. It may seem like far too simple of a solution to actually work—after all, if someone is really determined to get onto your property, they’ll find a way to do it—but it’s true. Fencing alone won’t stop people from breaking and entering into your home, but most of the time they’re very difficult obstacles to surmount and the more time it takes for a person to attempt to get into your home, the greater the likelihood is that they’ll be caught or spotted by one of your neighbours. On top of that, you can purchase and install a high-end fencing system that comes with a sturdy lock to further prevent home invasions.

Low Maintenance

Depending on the type of fence you choose to install, they can be very low maintenance. Wrought-iron fences typically require a protective coating to prevent rusting, whereas wood or bamboo fences will require treatment as well as occasional painting and sanding. Vinyl is perhaps the lowest maintenance fencing material on the market as it has the capacity to withstand all sorts of harsh or light weather conditions and it won’t wear out as quickly as the other materials mentioned.

Fencing Enhances the Aesthetic of Your Property

The best part of surrounding your yard with a fence is that it’ll completely alter and enhance the aesthetic of your property. With literally thousands of affordable, manageable, easy-to-install fencing options available, you can easily customize the look of your property and make it your own. As an added bonus, surrounding your property with a rugged and beautiful fencing will undoubtedly add great value to your property if you should ever choose to sell it.

Let the landscape maintenance and management experts at Forever Green Lawn & Landscape Inc. help you choose a style of fencing that works for your property. With over 20 years of experience working in the landscaping industry in Toronto and the GTA, we’re confident that we can help you design, build, and maintain the outdoor space of your dreams. To learn more about our business or to schedule a consultation with one our landscaping professionals, please contact us.

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