Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Year-round commercial landscape maintenance strongly influences people’s initial perceptions of your business, but early spring is unequivocally the best time to give your land a thorough facelift. Spring is a season of transformation and revival, which makes it the perfect time to either completely revamp the exterior of your commercial property or to simply make it more presentable-looking. After all, winter climates can be especially harsh on your flowerbeds, lawn, shrubbery, and trees and even plants need a little TLC every once in a while to look and feel their very best.

Importance of Spring Cleaning Your Commercial Landscape

Proper commercial landscape maintenance is almost as important as providing excellent customer service. Appearances are nine-tenths of the law when it comes to running a credible and respectable business. Part of that means beautifying the exterior of your location and making sure your customers and employees are comfortable spending time on your premises. A clean, tidy, and beautifully manicured outdoor space proves to your customers and employees that you care enough about the success of your business to actively invest the time, effort, and resources to maintain the property. If you don’t have the personal time or the green thumb to do some spring cleaning on the grounds yourself, then it’s recommended that you hire a professional landscaping company to do it for you.

They’ll be able to perform the following tasks:

Repair Winter Damages to Your Landscape:

This includes removing fallen tree branches, raking up leaves, removing dead plants, removing leftover snow, and correcting drainage problems caused by too much snow.

Maintain Your Flowerbeds:

Professional landscaping companies usually offer flowerbed re-planting and maintenance services. They’ll cultivate fresh flowers, tend to sick or dying ones, and isolate diseased flowers from the rest of the fold to ensure they don’t spread their sicknesses. Some plant diseases can be difficult to identify if you don’t know much about flowers or if you don’t closely inspect them. Since it’s part of their job description, expert landscapers can stay on top of these things and make sure your flowerbeds are well fed, watered, and healthy.

Fertilize and Aerate Your Lawn:

Certified landscapers also provide fertilization and aeration services, which is especially important after the long and sometimes treacherous winter months. All that heavy snow and precipitation can severely block your soil from absorbing all of the moisture that it desperately needs to prosper.

Prune Your Trees and Shrubs:

Trimming your trees and shrubs is particularly essential to maintaining their strength, health, and overall appearances. You need to have a keen eye for spotting weak and brittle branches or unhealthy leaves and remove them completely.

Professional Spring Cleaning Services for Your Commercial Property

The qualified landscapers at Forever Green Lawn & Landscape Inc. have over 20 years of experience when it comes to beautifying people’s residential and commercial outdoor spaces according to their specifications. We’re a full-service landscaping operation located in Brampton, Ontario, but we extend our services to all over Toronto and the GTA. For the convenience of our customers, our employees are all full-time and they’re all fully covered by liability and WSIB insurance. For more information on how we can enhance the look of your outdoor space, please call us at (905) 454-0875 or e-mail


"FOREVER GREEN LAWN & LANDSCAPE, INC. exclusively offers snow removal services for commercial properties. We do not offer residential snow removal at this time."