Lawn decorations and ornaments are a traditional part of the holiday season. Decorating the interior and exterior of your home can really help you get into the holiday spirit. For the sake of your lawn though, try not to get over competitive with your neighbours by engaging in a constant one-upmanship. On top of the snow and ice, heavy festive decorations can really do a number on your lawn by the end of the season. Don’t worry, though, because you can still decorate your lawn to your heart’s desire without destroying it.

Here are some awesome winter lawncare and maintenance tips for your front yard this holiday season.

Keep Heavy Decorations Off Your Lawn

While it may be tempting to place that large ceramic Santa or Frosty the Snowman figure right on your front lawn, it’s not such a good idea for the health of your grass. On top of the heavy weight of the ice and snow, these heavy decorations can suffocate your grass and compact the soil, which makes it harder for the grass to reactivate in the spring after months of being dormant and frozen. It’s better to place heavy ornaments on your front porch or walkway if you have them.

Move Inflatable Decor around Every Once in a While

Inflatable ornaments are a fun festive decor idea for your lawn, but leaving them in one spot all winter long can actually have a negative impact on your grass. These giant plastic ornaments take up a lot of space on your front yard and they can block out what little sunlight and moisture your grass receives in the winter, not to mention they also suffocate your lawn. Moving your inflatable ornaments around once in a while or on a weekly basis can help prevent this from happening and allow different parts of your lawn to receive adequate sunlight, air, and moisture during the winter months.

Use Low Heat and Low Energy Lights

Illuminating your property with bright colourful lights in the evening is a great way to make your entire neighbourhood feel a little more festive this holiday season. To save your power bill and your plants, though, you should use low heat and low energy lights. Christmas lights that get too overheated can actually scald your plants or burn them to a crisp. If the atmosphere is dry enough, they can even cause a fire. Try to avoid using incandescent lights and go for low energy LED lights instead. The visual effects are virtually the same and you can keep them on overnight without worrying about a safety hazard.

Keep Your Sprinkler System in Mind

Some holiday decorations have stakes that are meant to be driven deep into the ground to keep them in place. Be sure to place them away from your sprinkler system to avoid damaging it or poking a hole in your underground irrigation system.

Need help with winter lawncare and maintenance this holiday season?

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