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Did you know that gardening services for the fall are essential to ensure a beautiful spring and summer landscape is possible? But in order to ensure you lawn is lush and the envy of the street, there are a few important steps you should take and gardening mistakes to avoid when preparing your yard for fall cleanup. 

We learn from the mistakes from others. This article focuses on the top 11 common mistakes gardeners make to prepare for a long, cold winter. 

Not Having a Proper Gardening Plan

To have a successful garden, it is vital to plan ahead of planting. Using bags of soil, fertilizer, and other nutrients to create a landscape is not enough to begin growing healthy plants. Of the various factors required, the gardening zone needs to be considered. Certain plants will only grow under specific weather conditions. Planting location also takes some careful planning because some plants require more shade or more sun than others. 

Not Inspecting Your Garden Soil

With any professional garden care services in Brampton, the focus usually starts with the soil itself. Year after year, people begin planting shrubs and gardens without properly inspecting the condition of the soil. Having a soil test can prevent headaches later in the season. Soil that contains sand or clay will not drain well, causing plants to hold too much moisture and prevent the roots from holding firm. There should be sufficient nutrients within the soil as well. 

Not Dealing with Weeds in a Timely Manner

Weeds can quickly and easily take over a garden if not pursued. The spring and summer warm temperatures encourage weeds to grow and continue to grow in the fall. It is important to remove weeds when they begin to show to prevent the roots from strengthening and living on the plant nutrients. Until the ground is completely frozen, continue weeding to prevent an overgrowth when the spring snow melts. 

Not Using Pest Control in Your Garden

Pest control is an important part of any form of gardening. Often times, this step is omitted to help protect the environment and neighbourhood pets, depending on the owner’s opinions. If pesticides are used, learn the proper ones to use in accordance with the pests for the specific zone. For those who dislike commercial pesticides, there are organic materials to use. One option is choosing plants that deter pests like rhubarb, onions, marigolds, and basil.

Using Fall Fertilizers Too Soon in the Garden

Garden care professionals in Brampton understand the fall fertilizing process. Applying it too early in the season can actually do more harm than good. Waiting until late October will produce the essential nutrition the plants and lawn require to survive a harsh winter. Providing the needed carbohydrates enhances spring growth and stimulates rooting.

Piling Mulch in Your Garden Beds

Mulch is used as a natural insulator, and it regulates the soil temperature. These factors can be the reason mulch is often piled around the base of plants and shrubs like a volcano. This design retains moisture, causing mould or fungus to develop, killing the plant. Instead, protect the base of your plants by adding only two inches of mulch before the snows begins to fall.

Having a Bad Watering Schedule or Overwatering

A major mistake with garden and lawncare is not keeping to a regular watering schedule. Too little or too much water can destroy the growing process of plants. To save time, some people may water for a short time once every three days. This causes the roots to be shallow, susceptible to environmental elements, and dry out. It is best to water deeply to empower the roots to take hold. Watering in the fall is just as important as during the warmer months. 

Not Planting Spring Blooming Bulbs in Time

Fall planting of spring blooms takes precise timing. Daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips require the cooler weather to prepare their roots long before they are to take flight. Many gardeners take advantage of doing everything at once when clearing the gardens in August. This is not recommended. Waiting until September can prevent the shoots from being exposed before the ground hardens from frost.

Not Selecting the Right Plants for the Garden

In the initial plan of the garden design, there are several things to consider in selecting the right species of plants. Unfortunately, most people do not take into consideration the maturity shape and size of the plant, the colour scheme, and the amount of maintenance required. Perennial plants and shrubs will grow year after year without needing to be replanted. Other plant factors include the hardiness zone the plant requires in comparison to where it will be planted.

Plant Pruning at the Wrong Time

One of the more common falls gardening mistakes is pruning plants at the wrong time. As different plants bloom flowers at various times, it is best to have a pruning schedule drawn up for the year. Research the needs and pattern of the plants before beginning any pruning. In the fall season, pruning too early can damage the plant or put it at risk for frost damage. 

Fall Crop Planting Too Late

A rule of thumb is to plant fall crops at least six to eight weeks before the first frost is forecasted. Being prepared in August allows the plants time to sprout with the help of the cooler weather. There are some fall plants that can be held as transplants until September, but it is best to err on the side of caution and begin in August. 

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