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Car parking lot viewed from above, Aerial view. Top view. Lots of vibrant car sunny day, dealershipParking lots are as much a part of landscaping as lawns and gardens are. After all, your commercial parking lot is one of the first things that people will see when visiting your business. Parking lot cleaning is especially important to ensure your parking lot, pathways, and steps are well-maintained and in tip-top condition.

A cracked parking lot that is littered with debris and garbage sends the wrong impression to your customers. Not to mention, it can significantly impact the lifespan of your parking lot and be hazardous to drivers and pedestrians.

If your commercial parking lot is looking a little worse for wear, it might be time to get the help of a parking lot cleaning service in Toronto.

Keep reading for some of the benefits of commercial parking lot cleaning.

1. Makes a Good First Impression

Although we’ve all heard the adage “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” it’s hard not to pass judgment—especially when it comes to a business’ external property.

A dirty, unkept parking lot gives the impression that your business or commercial building doesn’t care about its appearance or about the safety of its customers and/or tenants. No one wants to park their cars in a dilapidated parking lot that could potentially damage their vehicle.

People are more likely to visit your business and spend money at your establishment if it looks like you take pride in your business and its surroundings. By creating a warm and welcoming exterior and cleaning your parking lot from time to time, it makes a good first impression and helps customers to feel more confident about spending money at your establishment.

2. Minimizes Pollution

Did you know that a clean and tidy parking lot can deter customers from littering? If it looks like your commercial parking lot is maintained by a cleaning service, people will think twice before tossing their garage on the ground. With the simple notion that if your parking lot looks tidy, people will do their part to help keep it that way.

Plus, the more garbage bins and recycling receptacles you install around the property, the more likely people will use them.

Oftentimes, the waste and debris that accumulates in parking lots isn’t biodegradable or safe for the environment. Not only is litter and debris a turnoff for customers, but it’s extremely hazardous for birds and wildlife (e.g. straws and plastic gloves can cause birds to choke).

If your business makes an effort to clean up your parking lot and show customers that you care about the environment, as well as about preventing chemicals, metal particles, dirt, and debris from draining into nearby water systems, you can improve your brand image and potentially increase your customer base.

3. Deters Rodents and Pests

Another reason why it’s important to hire a parking lot cleaning service in Toronto to remove debris and garbage is that dirty, unkept parking lots are a breeding ground for rodents and pests, especially rats.

A sure-fire way to scare customers away and negatively impact your bottom line is to allow rodents to nest on your property where customers walk and park their cars. Not only can rodents cause damage to your parking lot by chewing through buildings and materials, but once they establish their territory, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of them.

Depending on the type of establishment you operate, the presence of rodents, raccoons, stray cats, and insects could create a health violation and force your business to shut down.

The best solution? Make sure to clean up your parking lot on a regular basis, so that the only visitors you get are paying customers.

4. Eliminates Slip & Fall Hazards

As a commercial property owner, the safety of your customers should be your number one priority. The last thing you want to happen on your property is for your customers to experience an accident that could have easily been avoided with periodic parking lot cleaning.

You increase your risk of personal injury lawsuits when your parking lot is dirty and unkept. Debris and oil slicks can make paved surfaces slippery, which could cause cars to skid and customers on foot to slip and fall. Meanwhile, various objects littering the ground could also damage your customers’ vehicles or cause personal injury.

Cleaning your commercial parking lot can eliminate hazards and reduce the number of car accidents that occur on your property. It can also prevent drainage issues due to blocked catch basins and prevent standing water from pooling in your parking lot—both of which can cause slips and falls.

5. Extends the Lifespan of Your Parking Lot

On that note, regularly cleaning your parking lot can improve the durability and longevity of your parking lot.

When standing water pools on your pavement and forms puddles, it can cause the asphalt or concrete surface to deteriorate. When the water seeps into your asphalt and then freezes and contracts, it causes cracks to form. If cracks aren’t repaired early on, they can lead to potholes.

The same can be said for silt, dirt, sand, and debris that build up over time—without a proper parking lot clean-up, dirt can be abrasive and cause pre-mature deterioration.

As it is, your parking lot likely endures a lot of traffic daily. The more vehicles that drive on your cracked pavement and track around dirt and debris, the sooner you’re going to need to do parking lot repairs.

To limit the wear and tear to your commercial parking lot and avoid costly repairs, make sure to hire a parking lot cleaning service in Toronto to maintain the integrity of your property.

Trust FOREVER GREEN for Your Commercial Parking Lot Cleaning

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