winter safety tips

Winter Safety Advice for Parents

Mother Nature has graced many areas of Ontario with an abundance of snow, perfect for tobogganing, snowmobiling, and just basic playing in the snow! While having fun is a must this winter, staying safe should also be a top priority. That’s why it’s important to be cautious when sending your

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Car parking lot viewed from above, Aerial view. Top view. Lots of vibrant car sunny day, dealership

5 Reasons Why Commercial Parking Lot Clean-Up Is Essential

Parking lots are as much a part of landscaping as lawns and gardens are. After all, your commercial parking lot is one of the first things that people will see when visiting your business. Parking lot cleaning is especially important to ensure your parking lot, pathways, and steps are well-maintained

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Planting New Flowers

7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn

Gardeners and outdoorsy people all across Ontario can finally rejoice because winter is officially over and spring has sprung! We all know what that means—it’s time for spring cleaning your indoor and outdoor spaces!
If your lawn is currently looking a little worse for wear after the long, cold winter

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A man pulling dandelion

5 Tips for Effective Weed Control

Weeds provide a natural healing remedy for areas in the ground that are damaged, malnourished, and don’t have the capacity to grow certain types of plants. Consider weeds to be seat fillers and your garden is a high-profile televised event. Much to every gardener’s dismay, weeds are also considered a

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Snow Removal

How to Avoid Common Snow Removal Mistakes This Winter

This winter is expected to bring some harsh weather conditions in Ontario, which will, unfortunately, leave a lot of people feeling helpless as they attempt to trudge their way through the heavy snowfalls. Those who are ill-equipped to handle these weather conditions and effectively remove snow from their properties could

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