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Mother Nature has graced many areas of Ontario with an abundance of snow, perfect for tobogganing, snowmobiling, and just basic playing in the snow! While having fun is a must this winter, staying safe should also be a top priority. That’s why it’s important to be cautious when sending your child(ren) outside to play and get some “fresh air”.

Below we list some winter safety advice for parents to help keep their kids safe when playing in the snow.

Dress Your Children in Multi Layers

Always dress your child(ren) in layers of clothing before allowing them to venture outside to play, ski, or toboggan. To prevent frostbite and cold-related disorders, such as pneumonia, proper clothing is important in the winter months.

A winter hat helps to retain heat loss that can escape through the head. Wearing snow mittens, jackets, pants, and boots can also help prevent heat loss while keeping moisture from the snow away from the body. Remember to have your child remove all wet clothing when coming inside to warm up.

Keep a Safe Distance from Streets

It cannot be overstated: kids should absolutely stay away from playing in the streets. Enjoy the fun winter has to offer in a yard, field, or other safe space that has no vehicle traffic, trees, or obstacles.

Playing in the snow on snowbanks and sliding down snow piles near a lane of traffic increases the risk of injury. Drivers of vehicle and snow clearing machinery may not see the child(ren) or may not be able to stop in time to avoid a collision.

Keep an Eye on Children while Playing in the Snow

Whether it is building a snowman, sliding, or just frolicking in the snow, it is advised to see, hear, and talk to the child(ren) intermittently when they are outside playing in the snow.

One way to keep your children safe in the snow is to recognize the signs of frostbite. Most young children do not realize when their body has begun to experience frozen skin tissue. Check children’s hands, face, and other exposed areas for discolouration with redness, whiteness, or with a blue or purple hue.

Don’t Let Kids Play by Themselves Outside

There are many obvious and hidden risks of allowing children to play outside by themselves. From slipping on ice to sliding into oncoming traffic or a tree, always have your child be in the accompaniment of another person, preferably someone older.

The renowned “buddy system” can be used with outdoor play. A child under the age of eight should be supervised by an adult and no child under the age of five should be on a sled alone.

Don’t Let Them Build Tunnels, Snowbanks & Forts Along the Roadway

Playing “King of the Mountain” is a timeless winter activity for children. It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Teach children of all ages to avoid playing on snowbanks near a road or driveway.

Injuries can also happen when building tunnels and forts, regardless of the location. No child should build or play in a snow tunnel or fort without the close supervision of an adult. The shifting snow and iced-packed walls can quickly collapse without warning.

Don’t Assume Snowplow Drivers Always See You

One of the most overlooked dangers to children of all ages during the winter is vehicles or large equipment. Driveway and road plowing crews use heavy machinery to clean and remove snow during and after winter storms

Teach your child(ren) about the high risk of playing in areas where a snowplow driver may work. We can hear and see the plow, but the drivers cannot always see children playing in the vicinity of their path. From low visibility from falling snow to frosty windows, there is a high risk of a child being struck by the machinery.

Avoid Riding a Toboggan That Is Being Pulled by a Moving Vehicle

Although many people grew up being pulled down the road or across a field by a car or snowmobile while riding a toboggan, do not do it! This includes towing a crazy carpet, sled, saucer, or a snow tube.

Coined as the term “skitching”, this unofficial winter sport has a high risk of causing fractures, cuts, head injuries, and even death. Enjoy the thrill of speed on a sled by keeping to safely groomed trails as you are propelled by gravity!

Learn about Snowmobile Dangers

Dashing through the snow on a snowmobile is one of the greatest winter pastimes for many Ontarians. As with all motorized machines, understanding the power behind a snowmobile is important. Teach your children the safety measures that relate to the use of and being around snowmobiles.

A helmet that meets the safety standards of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act must be worn at all times by any snowmobile rider. It is recommended that no child under the age of five years old should ride a snowmobile and any operator should be at least 16 years of age.

Maintain Their Hydration

Just as you may monitor a child’s hydration in the tremendous heat of the summer months, it is also an important matter during the cold season. With the low temperatures, it can be difficult for children to realize when they need to replenish their electrolytes, especially when enjoying time playing outside.

Have children take mini breaks to rehydrate with water throughout the day. To warm the insides, offer a bowl of soup or cup of hot chocolate with a glass of water.

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