Winter Tips for Tree Maintenance

With fall in full swing and cold weather on the doorstep, winter property maintenance services are a top priority. Newly planted trees will require attention to ensure their roots take hold and thrive through the harsh Ontario winter weather.

Can You Plant Trees in the Winter?

Yes, trees can be planted in the wintertime if the ground hasn’t yet frozen over. The cooler weather promotes root growth. As part of winter tree care in Brampton, professional landscaper companies ensure the soil temperature and weather conditions are at a peak level for planting.

How to Prepare Newly Planted Trees for Winter in Brampton

Winter tree planting encompasses more than just digging a hole and adding water. There are several steps to take to prepare and care for a newly planted tree.

Remove All Dead or Fallen Trees & Branches

One of the first steps involving winter property maintenance in Brampton is removing any dead or fallen branches from the trees. Inspect trees for any damage or branches intertwined.

Prune Trees in your Yards

Pruning also involves removing branches but focuses on the ones attached to the trees. By detaching the dead or damaged branches, the tree is able to grow stronger.

Add Mulch to Solve Winter Drought Problems

Mulch placed six inches from the base of the tree will help reduce the temperature of the soil while retaining moisture the tree needs.

Apply Fertilizers

Professionals for tree planting in Brampton recommend using fertilizer to reintroduce the loss of nutrients caused by harsh weather. Slow-release fertilizers discourage the invasion of pests and diseases.

Water Generously to Protect Tree Roots

The newly planted trees require generous amounts of watering, especially during the first several days. With the frozen ground during winter months, the rain and snow do not reach the deep roots.

Planting New Trees

Plant trees six to eight weeks before a hard freeze. This allows the roots to become established for a stunning spring blossom. Soil freezes when the daytime and nighttime temperatures are below freezing temperatures.

Common Tree Species to Plant in the Winter

Professional property maintenance services recommend planting trees that are suitable for the local climate.

  • Weeping Willows provide shade to property structures and yards where excessive water tends to gather.
  • Willow Oaks are known for their great height and shade as well as a food provider for the ecosystem.
  • Brandy Wine Maple Trees provide colourful red flowers in the spring which turn a red wine in the fall.
  • Eastern Redbud Trees bloom stunning pink flowers in the springtime, especially after a cold Canadian winter.
  • Pink Dogwoods are a year-round beauty and provide gorgeous pink flowers soon after winter ends.

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