Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Savvy property managers know how important commercial landscape maintenance is to preserve a reputation of professionalism and high standards. But those looking to spruce up their surroundings this spring should not overlook one important element: sustainability. Learning how to make a sustainable commercial landscape will not only reduce your carbon footprint; it might also improve your budget.

Here are five ways to maintain the sustainability of your commercial landscape. 

Lift Spirits with Community Gardening

Ever notice how the sights and sounds of a beautiful outdoor space can instantly boost your mood? Imagine the impact a well-landscaped community garden could have on your tenants’ and clients’ mental well-being.

Sustainability includes supporting the personal health of your community members. Consider cultivating a garden of select flowers and greenery to add character to your grounds and make a lasting impression. A nice patio addition will come in handy for memorable outdoor gatherings that really bring your community together.

Experienced landscape contractors in Woodbridge and throughout the GTA can work with you to select the best design for your property and business needs. They’ll also ensure your garden stays inviting all season long with services such as watering, weeding, and fertilizing.

Irrigate Wisely, Not More Forcefully

A smart irrigation system is key in water conservation, a cornerstone of sustainability. Today’s systems offer multiple high-tech features like rain and soil moisture sensors, which will shut off the system as needed to prevent unnecessary water use. 

Water-efficient sprinkler heads and nozzles can reduce water flow and guarantee even distribution. Meanwhile, drip irrigation systems minimize water loss due to runoff, evaporation, and wind drift.

The best lawn maintenance packages also include regular inspection of your system for leaks and broken parts, while also checking that streams are facing the lawn instead of the parking lot or pathways.

Dispose of Debris in a Recyclable Way

Maintaining your commercial landscape often means generating lots of green waste and debris. But don’t be so quick to toss it on the garbage pile. Recycle and turn those grass clippings into fertilizer for your lawn. As they decay, they will release nutrients back into the soil.

Leaves and tree and bush trimmings can double as mulch for your plants, helping to trap in moisture and discourage weed growth.

These techniques will cut down on your mulch and fertilizer use and costs. Plus, they will decrease the workload of your landscaping crew.

Replace High-Maintenance Exotic Plants with Native Plants

You may find that some plants on your grounds are perennial problem-makers, requiring more resources and manpower to maintain. Many times, it’s because the species are not native to the area.

Native plants are generally hardier, since they’re adapted to the regional climate and soil conditions. Moreover, they provide a natural home for local insects, birds, and other wildlife.

If you’d like to incorporate more native foliage around your property but don’t know where to begin, enlist the help of a property and garden maintenance provider in Woodbridge, Brampton, or elsewhere in the Toronto area.

Use Green Infrastructure in Your Commercial Landscape

Green infrastructure harnesses Mother Nature to create sustainable, environmentally friendly systems for water management, energy use, and even air quality.

There are many ways to green up your infrastructure. You can start by collecting and reusing rainwater to hydrate your garden plants. Dotting your landscape with large, shady trees can both improve the surrounding air and keep your building cool, saving air conditioning usage and expense.

With the growing awareness of sustainability practices across Toronto, green infrastructure is becoming a standard feature of commercial landscape maintenance in surrounding cities like Woodbridge and beyond.

Make Your Commercial Landscape Sustainable in Toronto

FOREVER GREEN LAWN & LANDSCAPE INC. provides reliable and affordable year-round commercial landscape services for businesses and properties across Toronto and the GTA. After assessing your property, we’ll come up with a sustainable commercial landscape strategy that’s custom-tailored to meet the needs of your business. Whether it’s a community garden installation or parking lot spring cleaning, we’re here for you. Contact us today to book a consultation. 



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