Summer Landscaping in Woodbridge: Irrigation System

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to start tending to your lawn, flowers, vegetable garden, & other greenery. But before you get started, it’s important to make sure your irrigation system is in tip-top shape. And there’s no better time than the present to prepare your watering system for the season ahead. Whether you prefer to do your own yard work or to hire professional landscaping service,you have to perform a complete irrigation system cleanup to make sure there aren’t any issues and that you’re not using more water than necessary.

Here are some excellent water conservation tips to ensure your irrigation system is functioning at full capacity this summer.

Maintenance on Pipes and Irrigation

Winter elements like below freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and hail can all do a number on the external components of your irrigation system. Piping and sprinkler heads that are continuously exposed to these elements are susceptible to serious damages such as hairline cracks and leaks that can be exacerbated by pressurized water running through them. Before you go ahead and hastily turn on your water valve and start using your sprinkler system, you should inspect your equipment carefully and make necessary part repairs or replacements to prevent flooding or leaks caused by a burst pipe.

Inspect All Components of Your Irrigation System

Your irrigation system consists of multiple components, all of which play an important role in terms of efficient and consistent water flow and distribution. Commercial and residential irrigation systems can show signs of wear and tear after about 10-15 years depending on how frequently they’re used. To keep them running smoothly and efficiently at all times, it’s important to perform routine part inspections. This will help you identify potential issues like blockages immediately. 

Check for Underground Water Leaks

Underground leaks can lead to flooding and extensive structural damages that are expensive to fix. Before turning on your irrigation system, you should take the time to check for leaks under your property as these are often signs of potentially serious piping damages.

Sprinkler System Checkup and Repair

Make a detailed sprinkler system check list. Start by inspecting your water pump to make sure it’s supplying adequate water levels to each zone of your irrigation system. Check the water pressure coming out of your sprinkler and adjust the height or settings as needed. Most importantly, make sure that your backflow prevention device, which prevents water from moving backward into the system, is functioning normally. Get it tested if necessary. Backed up water can put a lot of undue pressure on your pipes and cause them to burst, crack, or leak.  

Turn on the Water Valve Slowly

Most importantly, turn on the water valve slowly to prevent an overabundance of water from moving through your irrigation system all at once. Remember, your irrigation system has been idle for several months of cold and icy weather, so it’s important to wake it up slowly and give it time to pressurize the water running through it. 

Hire Professional Landscape Services in Woodbridge

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