Hiring Professional Landscapers

Every homeowner wants to have a beautiful, well-manicured green lawn. But not all homeowners have the patience, knowledge, or green thumb to make it happen. Gardening and lawncare aren’t for the faint of heart. It takes a great deal of hard work and persistence to maintain a healthy green lawn and take care of plants. 

If you’re willing to learn proper lawncare techniques that will ensure the health and longevity of your grass, the Internet can be a valuable resource. Just make sure you’re looking at reputable sources from experts in your area, so you can avoid making the following common lawncare DIY mistakes. If you’re not totally confident in your ability to properly care for your lawn, but still want beautiful and healthy grass, consider hiring professional lawncare services in Brampton.

Common DIY Lawncare Mistakes Homeowners Make

Proper lawncare isn’t always as cut and dry as people think. Maintaining a healthy green lawn that keeps coming back in good condition every year takes a lot of work. Here are some of the most common DIY lawncare mistakes many homeowners make that could be working against them.

Burning Your Lawn with Fertilizer and Weed Control Products

Less is more when it comes to fertilizing your lawn or applying weed control pesticides. Did you know that many of the big brand name fertilizers you buy from your local home hardware store or garden center actually contain trace amounts of “weed seed” as a filler? Fertilizing is a precise science. For optimal results and to prevent burning your grass, avoid over-fertilizing your lawn. Research the type of fertilizer that’s best suited for your grass type and check the nutrients and ingredients list on the package before making a purchase. You should also make sure that you’re fertilizing your lawn during the right time of year (late spring or early fall) to keep it healthy.

Mowing the Grass Too Short

Grass needs plenty of nutrients and sunshine to grow. Cutting your grass too short damages the blades and causes them to go into a state of shock. This prevents the grass from absorbing nutrients from fertilizer and it also damages the root system. Keep your lawn mower setting at about 2 ½ inches and only cut off about 1/3 of the grass blade or less. This strengthens the root system by allowing it to absorb more nutrients without frequent watering.

Applying Fertilizer Unevenly

There’s a reason a lot of hardware and garden center stores sell fertilizer and grass seed distributors. Uneven distribution of fertilizer throughout your grass will result in unattractive yellow and brown spots mixed in with the green—and nobody wants that. To avoid spreading too much or too little grass seed and fertilizer throughout your lawn, make sure to calibrate your distributor strength and speed as needed.

Neglecting to Test the Soil

Another common lawncare DIY mistake homeowners make is failing to test the soil before planting grass seed. Acidity and nutrient levels in your soil determine the health of the grass and whether or not it will even grow at all. To test the nutrient density and pH levels of your soil, you can purchase a home soil testing kit from your local garden center or hardware store.

Why You Should Hire Professional Residential Lawncare Services in Brampton

As a homeowner, you want to do everything you can to keep the outside of your property looking as nice and clean as the inside. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time, equipment, or physical capability to tend to their front and backyard. Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a professional residential lawncare service in Brampton.

Convenient, Affordable, and Hassle-Free

Hiring professional residential landscapers in Brampton is a great option for homeowners who don’t have the ability to care for their lawn on a regular basis for one reason or another. It saves a lot of time and money on lawncare and gets you the amazing results you want. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper to hire a professional landscaper from the get-go instead of retroactively to correct mistakes you may have made. 

High-Quality Results

Hiring professional lawncare services in Brampton ensures that your grass will grow healthy and strong and add a stunning aesthetic appeal to your exterior property.

Avoid Having to Purchase Expensive Lawncare and Gardening Equipment

Professional residential landscapers already have all of the state-of-the-art equipment they need to work on your lawn, which saves you from having to purchase and store it yourself. Plus, they’re fully trained on all of the latest lawncare equipment technology, so you can save yourself the hassle of having to learn how to use it as well.

Knowledge and Expertise

When you work with a reputable lawncare and gardening company in Brampton that’s been in the business for a number of years, you can trust that they’ll always deliver high-quality results without exceeding your budget. Whether you want to install a few new flower beds or simply need an expert landscaper to bring your grass back to life for you, professional gardening services can get the job done without jeopardizing the health and appearance of your lawn. 

Professional landscapers in Brampton have the right training, knowledge, and expertise to apply proper lawncare techniques to maintain the appearance and health of your grass, so it comes back green every growing season. 

Consistent Schedule and Services

Another benefit of hiring a professional local lawncare and gardening landscaping service in Brampton is that they typically keep a consistent service schedule, especially during the peak season. You can choose between weekly or bi-weekly services depending on your needs and budget.

Hire Professional Residential Garden Installation and Lawncare Services in Brampton

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