Landscape Trimming and Spring Cleaning Services

Landscape trimming and spring cleaning services offer benefits to help save commercial, industrial, and residential property owners time and money. With springtime bringing thoughts of happy sunny days, lush greenery, and beautiful colours, these services boost the curb appeal of any type of landscape.

Advantages of hiring a commercial landscape trimming and cleaning service

Spring cleaning for commercial properties takes time and effort that not all businesses have to spare. Hiring landscape maintenance services can help save you money and allow you to reap the many advantages of working with a professional company.

Experience and Expertise

Hiring professionals for landscape cleanup and trimming that have the training and knowledge of how to care for grass, trees, shrubs, and all landscape aspects will save you money while enhancing the appeal of your property. Landscaping and spring cleaning involve detailed work that only experience and expertise can offer.

Efficient and Timely Work

It is during these early months that specific work is needed on a regular basis to help the property flourish throughout the extreme hot temperatures and potential rainfall to come. Efficiency and timing are key factors in spring landscape trimming, cleanup and maintenance.

Access to Specialized Equipment and Tools

Commercial landscape management companies use specialized tools and equipment that are not available to the general public. With expertise, professional maintenance crews can perform all tasks with the proper equipment that encourages growth while preventing damage to the grounds.

Factors to Consider When Deciding the Best Time for Garden Maintenance in Brampton

For many, the timing for property maintenance in the springtime is left up to several factors, mainly once the snow melts and the ground is dry. Professional services usually begin the planning stages before this time and use their expertise to schedule maintenance.

Climate and Weather Conditions

Lawn maintenance services in Brampton and the surrounding areas rely on the local climate and weather conditions. As Ontario typically has rainy spring weather, taking advantage of the natural water source and drier days to perform garden maintenance is ideal.

Type of Plants and Their Growth Patterns

The climate and weather can dictate the type of plants to be used with any form of garden maintenance in Brampton or nearby areas. From trees and shrubs to stunning bouquets of seasonal blooms, there are specific plants that are ideal for the local environment.

Schedule and Availability of the Service Provider

The warmer weather is a busy time for gardeners, particularly those of a professional nature. Scheduling regular landscape service in early spring will ensure their availability coincides with the needs of your property.

Pros and Cons of Spring Garden Maintenance in Brampton

There are several factors that determine whether spring is the best time to hire trimming and cleaning services in Brampton or the surrounding areas.

  • Pros: Spring provides the best growing conditions to rejuvenate a number of plant varieties. Taking this time to remove debris and dead grass in the spring will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property come summer.
  • Cons: Springtime is a hectic time for landscape service providers. With the increased workload, appointments can be hard to secure if not arranged ahead of time. Not to mention, garden maintenance done too early can increase the risk for plant damage.

Pros and Cons of Other Seasons for Garden Maintenance in Brampton


  • Pros: Once the spring weather begins to turn to warmer temperatures and drier conditions, the landscape maintenance switches to shaping and hedging.
  • Cons: Summer weather can be hot and dry in Brampton and the nearby areas causing heat stress on plants, not to mention workers. Plants, trees, and shrubs can be easily damaged by pruning if the plant is too dry or sunburnt.


  • Pros: As the nights begin to cool during the fall season, landscape work to prepare for winter begins. Any dead plant material is removed, and specific plants are trimmed and planted.
  • Cons: Depending on the weather, there may be a fine line between fall and winter for landscape maintenance. Service providers have limited time before the bad weather sets in, leaving the availability of service at a low rate.


  • Pros: There are more service providers available in the winter months which also decreases the price of landscape maintenance services.
  • Cons: Due to the extreme cold temperatures and snowfall, many landscape services are not viable in the winter season. These factors can also hinder any needed service as maintenance can cause severe damage to plants.

Hire FOREVER GREEN for All-Year Landscape Maintenance

As a leading commercial landscape company, FOREVER GREEN LAWN & LANDSCAPE INC. offers year-round service for all your property needs. To prepare your property for a wonderful spring, summer, and fall, now is the time to contact us to book a consultation.

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