backyard landscaping

Create Enticing Focal Points Throughout

Your backyard doesn’t have to be oversized in order to be beautiful and enticing. You can make the most with the limited amount of space you have by adding gorgeous and unique focal points throughout your yard. A few ideas include a relaxing fire pit either in the centre of the yard or off to the side; beautiful multi-toned hardscapes to liven up the space and make it seem bigger than it is; stylish patio furniture and an outdoor dining table to add versatility to the space; or even an attention-grabbing retaining wall could create more interesting visuals and add more depth to the landscape design of your yard.

Make It Look and Feel Cozy

Adorning your backyard with soft hues such as lavender, cool blues, light greens, and even brown will give it a more relaxing and earthy feel. Backyard landscaping should be just as much about enjoying the space as it is about cultivating flowerbeds, hosting backyard barbecues, and mowing the lawn. It’s important to create a space that invites you and your family members to put up your feet and just enjoy the beauty of nature. On that note, another good landscaping tip for small backyards is to create a gorgeous space to unwind. The right furnishings like comfortable outdoor couches and even small water fountains could create the perfect relaxing atmosphere to sit back and read your favourite book or simply enjoy the sounds of nature.

Boost the Beauty of Your Backyard

One way to embellish the overall appeal of your small backyard is by planting flowers, trees, and shrubs that not only give it a beautiful flair, but that are also low maintenance. If you’re too busy to constantly cultivate your backyard plants, then here are a few of the easiest plants to take care of: ferns, daisies, variegated ribbon grass, bellflowers, columbines, and bleeding hearts just to name a few. Of course, many people have a knack for gardening and enjoy doing it as a stress-relieving pastime.

Create Small Space Vertical Features

If your ultimate goal is to make the most of whatever little gardening space you have, then vertical gardens are the right way to go. There are so many design options available that you’re more than likely to find a few that suit your personal taste. You can either purchase stackable planters that hold multiple plants on each level or you can repurpose old crates. You can even attach small planters to an old wooden crate and hang it on your dividing fence to give your backyard a more rustic feel. No matter what your style is, there are plenty of amazing backyard landscaping tips that can easily fit within your budget.

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