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Vertical gardens are a fresh and innovative ongoing trend in urban, residential, and commercial settings that don’t typically provide a great deal of outdoor space. New vertical gardening ideas are constantly emerging on gardening blogs, web sites, and online forums that can help enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space and maximize the efficiency and beauty of the space you have. Hanging baskets full of colourful and dynamic floral arrangements coupled with boxwood edible plants are the perfect way to make your garden stand out from all the rest and make you the talk of the town! Keep reading to learn more about how you can incorporate vertical gardens into your landscape designs this spring and summer.

Add Colour and Texture to Your Patio Space

One of the main advantages of creating a versatile vertical garden in your outdoor space is that all it takes is a combination of simple components to achieve a stunning and serene visual effect. If your goal is to become one with nature and have your own private backyard sanctuary, consider installing rustic looking wooden crates as the backdrop to your patio or deck adorned with beautiful and vibrant blossoms of the colour of your choosing. Planting a miniature herb garden is also a good choice and a great way to truly make the most out of your outdoor space while also adding a sense of practicality.

Unique Vertical Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are an excellent option for properties that truly have a limited amount of space. They offer a lot of the same practical benefits of flowerbeds, planting areas, and wooden crates, but only take up a fraction of the space, if any at all. Avid gardeners like to use hanging baskets as a way of improving upon what little space they have and saving it for larger plants such as trees and shrubs. Whether you’re using plastic, ceramic, or clay pots, you can decorate them any way you want!

Airy Green Backdrop with Chicken Wire

The level of uniqueness your garden or outdoor space possesses depends largely on the amount of imagination and effort you’re willing to put into it. Think outside the box (literally) and try to repurpose as many common household items as you can to establish the exact look that appeals to you the most. If you have some extra chicken wire laying around that you don’t know what to do with, all you have to do is attach it to a beautifully crafted and sturdy wooden frame in your backyard and—voila!—you now have a vertical wall garden! Depending on the size of the frame, you can incorporate as many potted or boxed plants into your landscape design as you see fit!

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Creative Vertical Gardening Ideas for Small Front Yards Forever Green Lawn and Landscape Inc 2018-04-25 05:27:27 Are you limited on outdoor space? Check out these innovative vertical gardening ideas to help elevate the aesthetic of your landscape to new heights! Gardening,Tips

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