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High-quality landscape maintenance in Brampton and other parts of the GTA can greatly help to increase the overall value and appeal of any home or business. If you’re not particularly creative or aesthetically inclined or even partial to performing outdoor tasks yourself, then it’s worth researching and hiring the right professional lawn care and landscape maintenance contractors who are familiar with terrain and climate patterns in your area. Professional lawn and landscape contractors typically offer year-round services including spring and fall clean-up, pruning, mulching, balancing and optimizing the pH levels of your soil throughout your grounds, and other forms of scenic design and landscape construction.

Tips for Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Before you rush off to hire a professional lawn and landscape contractor, it’s important that you first identify what your actual landscaping needs are. This can be a daunting task for land owners who are inexperienced when it comes to gardening and other types of outdoor maintenance. The first tip is to do your homework and learn what constitutes fair fees for each service required and offered. Here are a few other important tips that apply to both commercial and residential landscaping.

Maintain Your Irrigation System

Proper irrigation system maintenance, repairs, and even regular replacements are essential to maximizing their performance and ensuring that your plants are effectively and efficiently watered. Keep in mind that not all plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees require the same amount of water to survive and flourish. Some greenery actually needs less water, while other types of plants need more. This is gardening 101 and a professional landscaper should be able to determine the appropriate levels of water to provide as well as times of day to irrigate each plant.

Execute Necessary the Seasonal Lawn Care

Whether you own a professional business or a private property, seasonal lawn care is an essential part of establishing and preserving a beautiful outdoor aesthetic. The way you take care of the exterior of your property reflects greatly on you as a property owner, which is why it’s crucial to perform regular clean-ups a few times a year or whenever necessary. This includes weeding, pruning plants, cutting the grass, raking leaves, and removing debris in the spring and fall.

Maintain Your Water Features and Fencing

A big part of regular clean-up and maintenance of your outdoor space involves taking care of any existing water features (i.e. fountains, small ponds, etc.) and fencing systems. These fixtures add an important mixture of both form and function, but without proper care, they can make your outdoor space look unkempt, disorganized, and they can even create safety hazards for visitors, pedestrians, and customers alike. Remember, functionality is equally important to aesthetics when it comes to the layout and appeal of your outdoor space.

Replace or Top Dress Your Garden Mulch

Replacing or top dressing your garden mulch on a regular basis will help keep your plants healthy and strong. However, make sure that you’re using the appropriate type and amount of mulch as different plant varietals have specific requirements that help them get the most nutrients and sustenance.

Garden Turf Maintenance

Applying the right amount of seeding and spreading it evenly throughout your lawn will keep it looking green and fresh even after a long, freezing winter. Just make sure that you adhere to the varying needs of different types of turf. Grass that receives a great deal of shade needs less seeding than grass that’s mostly under the sun.

The landscaping experts at FOREVER GREEN Lawn & Landscape Inc. use industry-recognized tried and true methods when it comes to designing and constructing the perfect outdoor spaces to accommodate the requirements of both residential and commercial properties in Toronto and the GTA. Our 20+ years of landscape management and maintenance services ensure that your landscape will be clean, beautiful, and easy to navigate. To get a free quote for your upcoming landscaping project, please contact us.





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