How to Get Rid of Moss Efficiently

If you are looking for ways to get rid of moss on your property, this article is the best place to start. Unlike most weeds, moss does not have “true roots,” therefore it doesn’t actually pose much of a risk to your lawn. That being said, most people would rather have moss removed since it’s not the nicest-looking plant.

Moss can be a sign your commercial property is unhealthy. It can grow as a result of poor soil conditions or excessive shading. It may also indicate that there is an issue with water drainage. Below are some tips to help you get rid of moss on your commercial property.

Rake Out the Moss

Ask any professional lawncare service in Brampton and they’ll tell you to rake the moss out of the lawn. In most situations, this may be possible as moss doesn’t grow deep into the soil. This can be handled in small areas. If the moss is covering a larger portion of the property, you may need a professional team of landscapers to remove it.

Reduce Excessive Shade

Lawn maintenance services in Brampton can design an effective landscape of your commercial property to prevent the growth of moss. Shaded areas promote the development of mossy areas because the create the right conditions of cool shadows from shrubs and bushes. Knowing what type of grass you have can help you narrow down the amount of sun required to prevent moss growth.

Use Baking Soda

An organic and environmentally safe treatment for small moss patches is combining baking soda with water. Evenly soak the mossy area to reach up to one inch below the tips of the grass blades. The same treatment method may be successful with the use of a gentle liquid dish detergent mixed with water. Once the moss has been treated with either remedy, it can be easily removed.

Use the Correct Amount of Water

As moss thrives on a damp environment, preventing water pooling can help you get rid of moss in areas across the commercial property. A lawn should only be watered periodically when there is a lack of rain. Having an irrigation system installed by a professional landscape company can help ensure the correct amount of water is applied.

Control the PH Level in the Soil

A lawn maintenance contractor can determine the accurate pH level for your soil with the proper equipment. The condition of the soil itself can also contribute to the development of moss. Soil showing a higher level of acidity may need to be balanced with nutrients that are alkaline.

Watch out for Additional Stressors

Other environmental elements can have an adverse effect on the health of the soil and grass, thereby causing moss growth. Animal feces, heavy pedestrian traffic, plant diseases, and insects can prevent the growth of grass, inviting moss to develop. Cutting the grass too short is another way grass can be damaged and moss can begin to grow.

Check for Poor Soil Drainage

To the naked eye, your commercial property may appear to be healthy, but it may be at risk for poor soil drainage. Professional lawncare services in Brampton have the experience, technology, and products to prevent water pooling from damaging the lawn. Using organic materials such as compost, carbon, or manure can stop moss from growing in waterlogged areas while improving water drainage.

Hire Lawncare Services

Moss is not a dangerous plant; it’s just an annoying presence on well-maintained lawns. It is recommended that you remove the moss, however, if you want to improve the health of the surrounding grass. For commercial properties, hiring a professional lawncare service can save you time and money. They offer environmentally friendly methods to eliminate and prevent moss development.

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