How to Prepare Your Lawn and Landscape for Spring

As the air begins to fill with the smells of fresh soil and grass, now is the time to prepare your lawn and landscape for spring. Once the snow has melted away, most property owners begin to take steps to revive their lawn after winter and spruce up their landscape. But before you can start enjoying the lush green grass and beautiful flowers, make sure to read our post-winter guide for spring maintenance.

Step 1: Clean Up Winter Debris

Evaluate your lawn for any damage

Carefully inspect the lawn for Winter damage that cannot be improved by a simple rake. Be sure to avoid pulling to protect the roots.

Rake leaves or other debris

Gently rake the fallen leaves, sticks, and debris to encourage grass growth. Be careful not to put too much force on the action to protect the soft ground.

Trim dead or damaged branches

Using the proper tools, cut away any damaged or dead branches from the trees and shrubs on the property. Take note of any damage on the trunks that need to be addressed.

Remove protective winter coverings

Now is the time to remove any protective coverings such as burlap bags, wire, and tarps that were placed in the fall to protect against the cold weather.

Step 2: Inspect the Lawn and Landscape

Check for signs of damage, winter moulds, or disease

Inspect the property for any signs of mould, disease, and moss growth. The blanket of snow and ice can hide damage and diseases.

Evaluate the soil quality and nutrient needs

Assess the quality of the soil as healthy grass requires a neutral pH. Extra nutrients discourage the growth of moss and stimulate healthy greenery.

Identify problem areas

Take note of any areas that may require extra attention during the spring clean-up. These areas may require fresh soil, nutrients, and seed to maintain health.

Inspect the irrigation system

As irrigation systems have been exposed to the harsh winter weather, inspect the components and the operation of the system.

Step 3: Start Lawn Maintenance


It is important to remove the overgrown dead grass by dethatching. Using forceful raking methods on damaged areas can help remove the growth.


There may be areas across the property that will require reseeding. Unlike vegetable gardens, it is recommended to actually overseed the grassy spaces that may have suffered damage over the winter.

Apply fertilizer and weed control

Application of the appropriate type of fertilizer and weed control will ensure the lawn will growth healthy with stunning lush greenery.

Step 4: Attend to Your Garden Beds

Remove dead plant material

The first task with a garden bed is to remove all dead leaves and stems left from fall. Some may need to be cut away as tugging could damage the plants’ roots.

Prepare the soil

During the winter months, the soil can become impacted, discouraging growth. After the last frost, the soil will be ready to be turned before planting begins.

Mulch garden beds

Use mulch in garden beds to stimulate and support the growth of plants while supporting the conditioning of the soil.

Prune trees and shrubs

Pruning is intended to encourage growth of new leaves and branches while controlling the shape of the tree or shrub.

Identify and remove dead branches

Clearing away any dead growth will help with identifying what plants were able to survive and which ones will need to be replaced.

Prepare for new growth

Taking the time to clean, tidy, and organize the garden beds early will encourage healthy growth in the spring.

Step 5: Add the Final Touches

Repair hardscape damage

Hardscaping refers to care for the patio stones or concrete walkway on the property. Ice, snow, and salt treatment can damage the surfaces and cause breakage or cracks.

Clean and inspect garden tools

Check the condition of your gardening and lawn tools stored in the shed. Those with blades require regular cleaning and sharpening to protect the health of the ground.

Plan for future projects

By addressing the needs of the lawn and landscape now, it will be easier to note where improvements can be made throughout the property.

Schedule Routine Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

With all of the essential preparations required after a harsh winter season, consider hiring a professional landscaping company in Brampton. A reputable company will have the knowledge, expertise, and tools to properly recognize any needs the grass, trees, and garden beds will require to flourish throughout the upcoming warmer months.

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