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Summer is the perfect time of year to start developing plans for your outdoor kitchen. If you’re planning on hosting a lot of cookouts, barbecues, and outdoor get-togethers this season, then setting up a state-of-the-art kitchen garden is an excellent addition to your backyard landscaping. There are so many elaborate or modest design ideas to choose from that creating the ideal outdoor cooking space for your family and friends is more feasible than you think. The trend of building beautiful outdoor kitchens is already spreading far and wide, so there’s no need to second guess whether or not this is a worthwhile investment—because it is!

Here are a few of the best tips for extending your outdoor garden space into a gorgeous and practical kitchen or kitchenette.

Designate an Ideal Location to Build Your Kitchen

The first step is to find the right space within your backyard to build your perfect outdoor kitchen. Measure out the space precisely and then determine the exact types and number of appliances you think you can fit there. You should also determine the type of cooking you plan to do most in your outdoor space. Whether you’re keener on barbecuing and grilling or smoking meats, you should determine the amount of space required based on your personal preferences. You also take into account the amount of prep space you’ll need.

Use Durable Weatherproof Materials

When it comes to choosing the right countertops and accessories for your outdoor kitchen space, keep in mind that all of these items will be consistently exposed to external elements to some degree and therefore, they need to be strong and weather resistant. Even if you plan on keeping your outdoor kitchen covered when it’s not in use, this type of protection will only go so far. Make sure you use high-end materials that are specifically constructed to contend with outside elements such as strong UV rays from the sun, rain, wind, and dust.

Consider Adding a Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are an exciting addition to any kitchen and are sure to attract more people to your outdoor parties this summer. Everyone loves pizza, but no one likes waiting for it to cook. With a high end pizza oven installed in your very own backyard, you can easily make customized pizzas for your guests in practically no time at all!

Plan for Proper Lighting and Airy Conditions

Choose a location in your backyard that regularly gets plenty of natural lighting and is exposed to breathable conditions. You want to make sure that you’re creating a relaxing and fun outdoor atmosphere for yourself and your guests so pick an area that’s out in the open and surrounded by plenty of beautiful greenery and flowers without attracting too many insects. Strong lighting conditions are essential because you need to be able to see what you’re doing while preparing food and cooking.

Install Mini Appliances

Miniature appliances such as fridges, coolers, small stoves, ovens, and barbecues are portable and typically built for outdoor use in a variety of weather conditions. They’re lighter and easier to carry than your standard kitchen appliances and you can easily transport them from one area to another. This makes them ideal for backyard use rather than having to constantly bring food in and out of your house for cooking and preparation. They’re also more affordable than full-scale kitchen appliances.

Install Durable and Easy to Clean Flooring

Since your outdoor kitchen will constantly be exposed to the elements, it’s smart to install flooring that’s durable and easy to clean. Use outdoor tiles that can easily be assembled by hand and don’t require any special equipment. They usually come in a variety of colours such as brown, black, or grey to match any tones throughout your outdoor space. Alternatively, you can also pave your outdoor entertainment space with stylish hardscapes such as stone or brick. These are also very easy to maintain as all you have to do is either sweep or hose them down with water whenever they get dirty.

Include Outlets and Prominent Water Sources

The exterior of your home already comes equipped with covered electrical outlets. However, there may not be enough of them to support building a complete outdoor kitchen. Take the time to truly consider whether or not you might need to add more outlets outside of your home and take the proper safety precautions to cover them up and prevent potential injuries or fires. Your local home hardware store should have all of the materials you need to complete this project. Also, make sure you install enough sources of water to use while you’re cooking outdoors.

Add a Protective Overhead Shelter

Sometimes, covering your entire outdoor kitchen with a large blanket isn’t enough to protect it from the elements. Awnings, oversized backyard umbrellas, or overhanging roof extensions from your home might be the best options depending on your budget and personal taste. In addition to functioning as protective features, these items can also add a much needed focal point for your outdoor space and complement the rest of the design perfectly.

Install an Outdoor Fire Pit

A fire pit is an excellent way to add some ambience to your beautiful outdoor garden. Imagine you and your friends warming up to a crackling fire and roasting marshmallows in the evening as the sun sets in the distance. It’ll feel almost like you’re a kid again and telling stories around a campfire. Fire pits are also extremely easy to contain and maintain within your backyard, so you don’t need to worry about them posing a safety hazard and they’re a great way to stay warm during those slightly cooler summer evenings.

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