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Major Myths about Snow Removal in 2021

Heavy heaps of snow, ice, and cold snaps are well-known staples of the long-revered Canadian winters. This winter, in particular, Mother Nature seems to have a no holds barred attitude when it comes to the amount of white stuff on the ground. The excessive snow and ice buildup seems to also serve as a major catalyst for perpetuating a lot of snow removal and winter property maintenance myths nationwide. 

As professional salting and de-icing contractors in Brampton, we’re qualified to debunk some of the most common snow removal myths that are making the rounds in 2021. 

Myth #1: Hot Water Works for De-Icing

It’s true that hot water is a lot more environmentally-friendly than using a chemical de-icer on your driveway or parking lot. However, hot water will also eventually refreeze due to the cold weather. When this happens, black ice forms on your property, making it even more dangerous to walk or drive on than it was before. Since black ice is completely transparent, it’s difficult to see and this can cause people to slip and fall or get into a car accident.

Myth #2: You Can Ignore Weather Alerts

Weather alerts may not always be completely accurate, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them entirely. These alerts are designed to prepare citizens for potentially dangerous inclement weather conditions such as a massive storm front or cold snap moving in. It’s important to take them seriously and take the proper precautions ahead of time to the best of your ability. For the most up-to-the-minute information, check your local weather network or the Government of Canada website frequently. 

Myth #3: Icicles Aren’t That Dangerous

On the contrary, icicles hanging down from your rooftop can be very dangerous. We don’t often hear of someone having a large icicle falling on their heads, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen under the right circumstances. All it takes is a strong wind on a slightly mild day to cause an icicle to become dislodged from its perch location and hit someone on the head. If this happens on your property, you could be facing a serious lawsuit. It’s better to carefully remove icicles rather than risk someone getting injured. 

Myth #4: It’s Okay to Leave Snow Buildup on Your Roof

Have you ever seen those viral videos online of people trying to remove large amounts of snow and ice from their roofs only to be swept up in an avalanche of snow? If you’re wondering if it’s worth taking the risk to remove snow, the answer is that it depends. As long as your roof was properly constructed and is completely up to code with no damages, it should be able to withstand the weight of a normal amount of snow and ice. Older roofs that are in need of repair, though, could risk worsening the damages or even collapsing. 

If you need help with commercial winter property maintenance or residential snow removal in Toronto and the GTA, then you can count on the snow removal experts at FOREVER GREEN LAWN & LANDSCAPE INC. to get the job done for you. Contact us today to book our services! 

Major Myths about Snow Removal in 2021 Forever Green Lawn and Landscape Inc 2021-06-15 10:59:27 At FOREVER GREEN, we take the guesswork out of winter property maintenance. Read about the most common snow removal myths in 2021 here. Snow Removal

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