Interlocking driveways and walkways are an integrable part of commercial landscape design. Below, we explore the benefits of using interlocking stones to improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your property.

Benefits of Interlocking Driveways and Walkways

There are many benefits of incorporating interlocking driveways and walkways into your landscape design, such as:

  • Durable and long-lasting: Interlocking stones can sustain heavy vehicle traffic and constant foot traffic.
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal: With the incredible selection of interlocking designs and patterns, installation can enhance the beauty of your property.
  • Increased property value: A professionally installed interlocking driveway and walkway can increase the overall value of a property.
  • Environmentally friendly: Interlocking driveways and walkways are porous, which protects soil and reduces flooding.

Factors to Consider when Designing Interlocking Driveways and Walkways

Here are some important factors to consider before installing interlocking driveways and walkways on your commercial property.

  • Evaluate the space and functionality requirements: The type of interlocking stones you choose should depend on the space, your desired aesthetic, and the amount of traffic the area gets. Consider the materials available and how they will impact your walkway or driveway.
  • Incorporate various design elements: As interlocking stone are available in various colours with smooth, textured, and patterned surfaces, the choice of design elements is endless. Not sure what design to choose? Driveways can be enhanced with different coloured stone borders while walkways and pool areas can feature patterned pavers.
  • Install softscapes and hardscapes: Softscapes and hardscape may service different purposed but together can provide an incredible effect for a driveway and/or walkway. Lighting and small plants can enhance a beautiful property and tie in the entire design.
  • Enhance the Functionality and Practicality: Interlocking stones offer more than just a unique and aesthetically pleasing design. They can also address water drainage issues, help with navigation, and protect asphalt pavement by serving as a border around the driveway or walkway. 
  • Consider the Safety of Pedestrians: Interlocking stones can help improve the safety of your property. They are available with non-slip surfaces to prevent slips and are much smoother under foot than other paving stones, such as flagstone or gravel. Installing lighting options along the pathway or driveway will also enhance safety and security of the property. 
  • Calculate the Costs: The cost of interlocking stones depends largely on the size of the property being paved and they type of stones selected. The design, style, colour, and number of pavers needed will play a major role in the total cost of the project. 

The Interlocking Installation Process

When you hire a reliable landscaping construction company in Brampton, there will take the following step to ensure a fully functional and beautiful result.

  • Site preparation, excavation, and levelling: First, the site is prepared, and all surface grass, weeds, asphalt, or other related groundcover are removed.
  • Base preparation and compaction: For a long-lasting driveway, the company will prepare the base. Driveways require a 12 to 14-inch base, while walkways require an 8-inch base. 
  • Installation of edge restraints and bedding sand: One important aspect of the installation for interlocking driveways and walkways in Brampton is including the edge restraint to prevent movement of the blocks and sand.
  • Laying interlocking materials:
  • Joint sanding and compaction: Dry block joint sand can be placed in the spaces between the pavers. Once everything is in place, a vibrating plate compactor is run over the surface of the blocks to set the interlocking process.
  • Finishing touches: The area needs to be cleaned before the sealer is applied to protect both the blocks and the joint sand.

Hire a Professional Landscaping Company in Brampton

Interlocking driveways and walkways require extensive time, commitment, and expert knowledge. That’s why hiring reputable landscaping services in Brampton may be a better solution than DIY. A professional company can offer the following services:

  • Regularly clean and repair the interlocking driveways and walkways when needed. While interlocking stone is generally low maintenance, sweeping dirt, debris, and litter from the surface and around the interlocking blocks on a regular basis can protect the pavers and extend the lifespan.
  • Handle weed control. Weeds have been known to grow even in the most cared for conditions. They can pop up even with underlying material beneath the interlocking blocks.
  • Repair damaged or sunken blocks. Whether the edge pavers require removal or realigning, the adjacent blocks may also need to be adjusted. Any sunken blocks will need to be removed for the subbase to be levelled.
  • Seal the stones to protect against stains and colour fading. To extend the longevity of the interlocking pavers, a professional landscaping company will apply a sealer to protect the material of the stones.

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