summer gardening tips

Maintaining a beautiful outdoor garden can be difficult in the summer because of the occasionally unpredictable weather and extreme heat patterns that can dry out your carefully planted and cultivated plants. Even if you take the time to strategically plan out your entire garden, there are still certain elements that can work against you and ruin all of your hard work. If you lack the green thumb that’s necessary to create and care for your beloved outdoor space, then it may be time to look into some useful summer gardening tips such as the ones listed below.


Grow Seasonal Plants

Technically, all plants are seasonal in the sense that they each thrive during certain times of the year more than others. Some plants require cooler weather to survive while others do better in the heat. In order to improve your summer landscaping skills, you should do some research on the types of plants that would work best for your regional climate conditions.

Water Your Garden Consistently

Just like humans and other living organisms, plants require varying amounts of water to remain hydrated. If the region in which you live happens to be experiencing a bit of a dry spell, then pay special attention when it comes to watering your plants. Some plants require larger quantities of water than others, but be careful not to subject your plants to large amounts of standing water as this can be harmful to their health as well. Water your plants early in the morning so that the soil can adequately absorb the moisture and distribute it accordingly.

Build a Shade Trellis to Manage the Sunlight

Believe it or not, too much sunlight is actually bad for your plants as the UV rays can dry them up very quickly and strip them of the nutrients they need to survive. Each plant only requires a minimal amount of sun exposure throughout the day, but this can vary from one plant to another, so it’s important to place them carefully. Plants with larger leaves and taller stems should be placed within close proximity of smaller and more fragile plants to protect them from becoming overheated from the sun. Or, you can improvise by building shade trellises around your plants to block out the sun throughout the day.

Use the Right Type of Mulch

The purpose of mulch is to absorb the excess moisture of your plants so that they don’t become overhydrated and provide essential nutrients to help keep them healthy. Of course, different types of mulch are suitable for different plant varietals, so make sure you choose the right ones for your garden, vegetables, and flowerbeds.

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